Those who ride bicycles can feel safe on the streets with Volvo’s new bicycle safety technology


cyclist detection technologyThe auto industry has to constantly evolve with every single day that passes by and that’s why the auto manufacturers from Volvo managed to improve their car specs even more when it comes to car safety because they know a thing or two about car care and now, their new Volvos will have a new bicycle safety system that will protect every biker out there.

Bikers can feel safe on the streets with Volvo’s new car safety technology which can save lots of lifes!

Every biker knows that, on the streets, when it’s heavy traffic, you can risk getting injured or even die if you dare to ride your bike and Volvo estimated that more than 50% of european bikers die in stupid car accidents!

And guess what? At the Geneva Motor Show, Volvo presented their bicycle safety technology which does wonders when it comes to preventing accidents! Just check out the youtube video and you’ll see:

Anyway, every car needs this bicycle safety measure whether it is a supercar, luxury car, muscle car or sports car! So, today forget about care of cars, it’s time for some quality care for those who enjoy riding their bikes without having to turn their head every time they hear a car engine.

Imagine that you’re on your bike strolling and listening to music (using headphones) while a car is behind you; Suddenly, you have to avoid an obstacle and you change direction; That’s when the world-first Cyclist Detection system with full auto brake from Volvo, or the bicycle safety system, will react.

safety for bikers on the streets with Volvo's technology
My personal opinion is that these are extraordinary auto news for those who ride their bikes on the streets, Volvo needs to get voted the best car manufacturer when it comes to car safety and now, bicycle safety too! Sure, this safety option will rise the acquisition cost for a proper Volvo but who cares about that when you can prevent taking an innocent man’s life? Life is priceless!

This interesting bike safety system will be added in May 2013 on these Volvo models:

  • Volvo V40
  • Volvo S60
  • Volvo XC60
  • Volvo V70
  • Volvo XC70
  • Volvo S80

I can barely wait to see more from the Top Gear series with a Jeremy Clarkson that tests, in his funny auto way, this new bicycle safety system with James May, Richard Hammond and The Stig :D.

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