Here’s a funny boat launch fail and another one! Learn how to launch & retrieve a boat, save your car!


boat launch fails can be avoidedAnything can affect your car’s handling, look, fuel consumption etc. and when it comes to taking your boat or jet ski to the sea, lake or whatever, car care thinking is appreciated. Why is that? Well, because you’ll be lowering your boat on a boat ramp with your car and if you’re not careful, well you might end up like the guys from the funny auto boat launch videos; With a sinking car, yep your car taking a swim!

Because i’m such a good guy, later on in the article, i’ll also show you how to boat launch but without any events that could ruin your holiday or fishing trip.

If you’re willing to try a different type of car wash, then, besides the boat launch on the boat ramp you can also get free car cleaning outside and inside with your very own fish theme car interior! Ohh and i’m sure that the car engine won’t start after it “takes a shower” like the Audi S8 from Transporter 3, that was just a marketing scheme for Audi :D.

The auto manufacturers don’t give you intructions on how to boat launch and you can get your boat from point A to point B very easy using a cheap car but there’s a problem when you have to launch or retrieve it using the boat ramp, you’ll need torque; These funny videos will show you why!

As i’ve told you, care of cars is needed everywhere when using them. Imagine the car owner from the funny video trying to sell his car after the boat launch fail:

Car Owner: I’ll sell you my truck
Buyer: Has it had any major accidents or damage?
Car Owner: Just Slight water damage lol 😀

The second funny video was kind of dangerous but in the end, the jet ski retrieval was the best fail from youtube and believe me auto world, i’ve searched a lot on the internet!

Now it’s time for more serious stuff and here are a few pointers or top tips when it comes to boat launching or boat retrieval; This is how to boat launch & retrieve!

First of all, a small boat launch can’t take you more than 5 minutes and you have to make sure that your ropes aren’t tangled or too short. It’s also best to line up the towing vehicle with the trailer in a straight line. If you get out of line then you have to stop and go back up on the boat ramp until you’re straight again.

Trailers and cars aren’t made as standard models and that’s why you should stop the towing vehicle when the rear wheels reach the water and put the handbrake on. More details on how to boat launch can be seen in the next video:

When it comes to boat retrieval, everything is reversed; You have to attach the cable, pull the boat on the trailer, also attach the safety chain and just drive away from the boat ramp.

Here are some other top tips if you’re having problems with the boat retrieval on the boat ramp:

  • use first gear when towing the boat up the ramp if the car has manual transmission and if it’s about an automatic transmission, put the shift handle in 1 or L
  • if the towing vehicle is a truck, you must get a lot of weight in the back of it for better traction
  • if it’s a 4wd or all wheel drive car, then you won’t have lots of problems because it has a lot of torque
  • A v8 engine is also a good choice when trying to boat launch or boat retrieve


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