Funny car acronym for each brand


For each brand you can think of a different car acronym and the automotive world doesn’t seem to mind. Well who would mind these funny car acronyms that make you smile when you think about your car. Think about the people that invented those car acronyms for each brand.. it seems that their care of cars has no limit in a funny auto way.

Here’s my personal favorite funny car acronyms list:

    • Acura – Asia’s Curse Upon Rural America (i can see lots of teenagers wannabe racing drivers that want one Acura as a birthday gift)
    • Audi – Accelerates Under Demonic Influence (one example of german auto that has a good car acronym which describes it perfectly)
    • Bmw – Bring More Women (bought by shallow image conscious stockbrokers. See i’ve got a funny car acronym for each brand :D)
    • Buick – Big Ugly Indestructible Cat Killer (american classic, don’t sue me for exaggerated care of cars)

  • Cadillac – Company Always Denies Its Lawful Liability After Collisions or Crazy And Dumbass Idiots Like Large American Cars(now these are a good example for a car acronym which describes perfectly this american auto)
  • Chevrolet – Cheap, Hardly Efficient, Virtually Runs On Luck Every Time (hahaa, no comment! :D)
  • Chrysler – Company Has Recommended You Start Learning Engine Repair (well it was about time for us normal folks to digg in to those complex electronics)
  • Daewoo – Damn Asian Engineering Works Only Occasionally (one of my friends has a Daewoo and it has its particular car care need)
  • Dodge – Darn Old Dirty Gas Eater (it’s not a big problem for americans, see there are car acronyms for each brand)
  • Ferrari – Ferociously Elegant Racer Ravages All Roads Intuitively (true true and their care of cars and customers is awesome)
  • troll face for carsFiat – Failed Italian Automotive Technology (they build Ferrari but why can’t they make a proper car?)
  • Ford – First On Rust and Deterioration (mmm another friend of mine came up with this car acronym for Ford because he went with his Ford Focus through a lot of trouble in the car service)
  • GMC – Got A Mechanic Coming? (another automotive world funny acronym for american auto)
  • Honda – Had One Never Did Again (people are very inspired when it comes to funny acronyms)
  • Hummer – Huge Ugly Mother, Mostly Eats Resources (and it really eats a lot of fuel from the world oil reserves :|)
  • Hyundai – Here’s Y U Never Drive An Import (nice game of words regarding to the funny acronyms for each brand)
  • Isuzu – It Sucks, Unless Zero Used (good car acronym for those interested)
  • Jaguar – Just A Guess U Are Rich (hah, driving european cars is awesome if you want to breathe something else than american auto)
  • Jeep – Just Eats Every Penny (and yes this car acronym is accurate, believe me!)
  • Kia – Keep Inside Asia (i believe that Kia cars are even worse than Dacia Logans from Romania)
  • Lotus – Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious (again this is a real good car acronym because if you would watch Top Gear series you’ll get its meaning)
  • Lamborghini – Loser Always Maintains Big Old Rotten Gunk; Hardly Inflates Nobody’s Image (no comment)
  • Maserati – Must Also Suggest Extra Rope And Towing Implements (being an italian auto you can understand the funny acronym 😀 but they also have good care of cars if something fails on them)
  • Mazda – Made After Zero Design Analysis (sometimes, Mazdas look ugly you know..)
  • Mercedes – Most Expensive Road Car Everyone Drives Except Stig (from Top Gear series top tip, the Stig doesn’t like Mercedes :D)
  • Mitsubishi – May Involve Turbos, Suck Unless Boost Is Seriously High Inside ( this car acronym is also true and you could also see it in the Top Gear series with the Mitsubishi Evo and the turbo lag)
  • Mini – Moron Inside Notably Insane (speechless)
  • Nissan – Need I Say Something About Nothing (epic car acronym from funny acronyms collection!)
  • Peugeot – People ever unhappy, goes every other turd (ohh and they don’t have any care of cars at all, only if you’re in the money)
  • Porsche – Proof Of Rich Spoiled Children Having Everything (classic touche)
  • Rolls – Regal Opulent Lovely Luxury Sedan (what do you want more from a car like that?)
  • Saab – Swedish Automobiles Always Breakdown (i don’t really agree with this car acronym)
  • Subaru -Screwed Up Beyond All Repair Usually (funny acronyms seem to be everywhere for everything! :D)
  • Toyota – Too Often Yankees Overprice This Auto (true story!)
  • Volvo – Very Old Lazy Vehicle Owner (it was something like this some time ago in the 90’s when this car acronym was invented :D)
  • Volkswagen – Vehicle Owners – Losers Knowingly Suffering With All German Engineered Nonsense (these great funny acronyms made my day)


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