A dressed up Bmw Z4 becomes an awesome concept car – Audi RS Roadster


2013Aldo Schurmann is a future car designer who loves cars and he’s a pure talent when it comes to car sketching or car designing. His newest concept car, the Audi Rs Roadster, should grab Audi’s attention because it looks extraordinary and it keeps that interesting aggressive look which makes it appealing to the auto world and usually that’s the perfect recipe for a sexy car.

I don’t know if it’s a drawback or not, but when looking at the car photos with the new Audi concept from Aldo, you’ll only see a Bmw Z4 facelift but still, it has Audi car details which, all together, have the power to make it a better sports car than the Audi TT model. I don’t have problems like a lack of imagination and that’s a good thing because i can describe this concept car for those who are wondering about its resemblance to other cars.

The new Audi concept is called the Audi Rs Roadster and it will be a direct competitor for the Bmw Z4 but if you’re wondering why, i think that you can figure it out for yourself when looking at the car photos. If you imagine this car’s body without those Audi elements, then you’ll see, that the Audi Rs Roadster car concept is based on the same platform as an Bmw Z4. Take a look at the front of the car which looks like a cougar, the back of the Audi concept which reminds a little of the Alfa Romeo 159 and the side of the car which is just a Bmw Z4 but it also has a hint of an Audi A5 i think. The led headlights and tail lights also do quite a great job when it comes to the aggressive look.

front looks like a cougar

The Audi Rs Roadster isn’t designed to be a green car but who knows, if the auto manufacturers from Audi will like this Audi concept, you can expect anything because we all know that Audi thinks in a car care and also environmental friendly manner.

It seems that Aldo Schurmann, the student from Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design, showed that he will be one of those guys who will show great care of cars but sadly, there aren’t any car interior pictures for the Audi Rs Roadster, i mean only with the inside of the car.

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concept car

audi cabrio

audi cars

cabrio concept

audi rs 2013

roadster concept

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