ZZ Top – I Gotsta Get Paid


Hello there auto world, it seems that everybody just loves to show their car care results these days. ZZ Top really had good driving songs but this new “I Gotsta Get Paid” one is rockin’ and the music video has 4 awesome rat rods and 3 sexy girls!

Each girl from the youtube video, had her own rat rod and their mission was to try and catch ZZ Top in a car chase that was filmed in the desert. The bad thing for those sexy girls was the fact that ZZ Top also had his own rat rod and in the end, the girls from the I gotsta get paid song, only managed to get a hold of ZZ top’s key chain!

Maltese crosses, skull shift knobs, rough finishes and chopped roofs, that’s the way people love their rat rods and those details are related to care of cars in a way or another.

I hope you like my special driving songs but who doesn’t like ZZ Top? He’s a rock legend!

The auto industry has different branches and the rat rod branch is a small one but it has loyal and enthusiastic clients and that’s why ZZ Top with his new car song is kind of making a car commercial for those rat rod fans.

Rat rods have a poor car interior with no sat nav, low car safety with not even anti lock bracking system or airbags but it’s a pure pleasure to drive such a car on the open road while listening to awesome driving songs; Or you can turn of your CD mp3 because you can listen to the engine sound which comes from your beastly car engine! Yep, those are v8 engines!

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