Funny forever alone car for bad luck Brian!


Imagine yourself in front of the Tv set watching the Top Gear series. All of a sudden Jeremy Clarkson starts to show people random cars and then, the wild virgin car appears! It’s a funny car, a 1990 Toyota Camry which will attract the public’s attention because this is also, the forever alone car!

Yes this is a sad car because it has the “I’m sad” custom license plate and yes, in this funny photo you will also see one of the most known 9gag memes, the forever alone meme!

funny custom license plate on toyota camry

Nobody wants such a sad car but some people who are forever alone, do seem to bond with the 1990 Toyota Camry. Those who will drive such a sad car should buy themselves some meme stickers just like the one used for this funny car with funny custom license plate which says “I’m sad” :D.

Then, at least you’ll have a better chance to change the “die a virgin” problem! People who are aware of their flaws always manage to score better when it comes to girls, if they also use some situational irony. If Bad luck Brian would receive this 1990 Toyota Camry as a gift, he would be so happy about the dating girls part but no :D, he will just have to use his beginner care of cars and car care info to constantly fix his cheap car because he hasn’t got enough money to take it to the car shop!

The fuel consumption bill for this forever alone car will make Bad luck Brian go nuts, a potential blown head gasket will ruin his only chance to get lucky with the girls and if he gets involved in a car crash with his 1990 Toyota Camry, the lack of airbags will also show how unlucky our brace face really is.

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