Ford Mustang – Smoke fest video with tri turbo dragster


That tri turbo Ford Mustang isn’t an environmental friendly car for sure and you can see it in the dragster video! Car racing events like this one, usually tend to “help” planet Earth in successfully installing Global Warming and that’s a very bad thing for those who want a clean environment but the auto world seems to enjoy seeing such a smoke fest coming from tri turbo Mustangs which are modified into dragsters.

You guys have to protect the environment by not going to events which involve dragsters or any kind of car racing if you still want to breathe some fresh air.

That amount of smoke can save a beekeeper from an angry bee colony that’s 10 miles away! šŸ˜€

Look at it, the tri turbo diesel Mustang had to warm up all of its turbochargers in a smoke fest for about 40 seconds in order for it to launch in slingshot mode but it was awesome!

If you think that this dragster video with the tri turbo Mustang is just a funny auto thing, well think again! Yes, it’s a smoke fest made out of different shades of gray and even if the dragster has a horrible frankenstein diesel engine sound, in the end you’ll see the wonders from under the hood, yes, the place where you can find the car engine :).

Usually, a dragster is a cheap car which goes through skillful hands that know a thing or two about car care or care of cars, a team of professionals that modifies everything, starting with the engine parts and ending with the car’s chassis.

They also add some NOS, turbos and special transmission parts which can endure a massive amount of torque. When it comes to top speed and acceleration, a tri turbo dragster like the one from the dragster video, can beat any supercar or muscle car that are out there, of course if someone would try to compare them in a drag racing contest.

Sometimes in drag racing, a car crash is inevitable but that modified Mustang dragster diesel engine will do its job. A diesel engine can’t get above 2000 RPM, but it has huge torque because of the long stroke and the torque is what lets your engine pull a huge load up a hill so, in drag racing, you’ll need maximum torque on a short distance.

If that exhaust system is filled with such a huge amount of smoke, just think about the fuel consumption on that tri turbo Mustang, it’s a typical american auto, what did you expect :D?


  1. OMG just look at all the smoke coming out from that mustang dragster!!!! He launches better than even the stig !

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