American auto tribute: Espera Sbarro Eight – hot rod concept car


OZ Ultraleggera on hot rodI’m guessing that you’ve seen those car pictures with the new concept car from the french auto manufacturers “Sbarro Montbeliard” and you’re just tired of only seeing the new Espera Sbarro in a photo gallery and not too much details about it. This Espera Sbarro Eight hot rod is quite a manly car and it will turn heads if it gets into mass production but even if you’d want to use your car care techniques on an awesome hot rod like this one, i’m pretty sure that you won’t see too many of those on the streets in the near future.

I usually don’t like french cars like Peugeot for example but those car manufacturers oh i mean students from Sbarro show a great care of cars because i’ve seen a photo gallery with their team of professionals and they really seem to put passion into their concept cars like that Espera Sbarro Eight which is a hot rod with a futuristic look. By the way, this car was made in only 8 weeks so that’s why it’s called Espera Sbarro Eight!

When it comes to the acquisition cost, you won’t get a car price because you can’t just buy a Sbarro car. Wondering why? Well, Sbarro is an auto school that teaches its students, the fine art of car design and car materials.

espera sbarro car interiorIf the Espera Sbarro Eight would’ve been produced, it would’ve been an expensive and very exclusive car or hot rod as you can see from the car photos, yes i’ve also got a photo gallery with the Sbarro concept car :D.

Check out the car specs for this Espera Sbarro Eight hot rod:

It has a V8 biturbo Maserati 368cv car engine with a 6 speed gearbox so there’s a big fuel consumption and that doesn’t make it a green car. Espera Sbarro Eight is a rear wheel drive car with OZ Ultraleggera wheels, 2 exhaust pipes from a complex exhaust system and missing headlights. It’s not a cheap car and it has 360 bhp to prove it! From the car photos you can see that the Espera Sbarro has a 6.2 inch touch display in front of the passenger seat and it runs android for better entertainment just like the second display which is smaller, from the dashboard that’s in front of the driver. The concept car weighs about 1000 kg, it’s made out of composite materials or carbon fiber and as an usual hot rod, it has bigger wheels in the back and smaller ones in the front; They’re equipped with Bridgestone tires.

The Espera Sbarro Eight isn’t a practical car but at least no one will have carjacking thoughts when it comes to this carbon fiber car because even if it gets produced in large numbers in the distant future, this hot rod concept car will surely turn heads when going down the street (see car pictures) and as for car racing, well you can only drag race with it because that’s what a hot rod is all about.

Those old hot rods which showed only simplicity and rawness aren’t coming back and this is the future for a manly car!

Feel free to check out the photo gallery with the Espera Sbarro Eight concept car; It’s a tribute for the american auto:

american auto hot rod tribute

espera sbarro eight touch display2014 sbarro concept

car concept out of composite materialssbarro car with maserati engineoz wheels and bridgestone tires for hot rod

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