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interior cleaning and auto detailingThe auto industry has a lot of branches and one of them is auto detailing. When it comes to car cleaning, your car, even if it’s a cheap car or luxury car, will always need that precious car care if you want it to look like back in the day when you bought it!

So, now with the help of a charismatic dude from this youtube video, you can see how to approach cleaning on the inside of your car especially if it’s a Honda Accord (the demonstration is made on one).

After a few years, the car interior gets tons of dirt, shoe prints and other stuff which are hard to get out but not while this guy has something to say about interior detailing!


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quarter mile test with the 2013 audi s8With quite a big acquisition cost for the 2013 Audi S8, your average Joe won’t afford it; An Audi S8 price goes around 110,895 dollars, a base model! Nevertheless, the auto world is intrigued by this fast luxury sedan made with the finest german engineering techniques; What the hell, an Audi S8 weighs 2.5 tons and it can still beat a Chevrolet Corvette Z06!

That’s why i think of the Audi S8 as a true german auto example! First you’ll watch a youtube video with the 2013 Audi S8 on more than a simple test drive and after that, you can read the car specs and other car details that will caress you car care personality :D.

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vladimir putin's new presidential limousineThe pimped out presidential limousine from Zil looks like a massive studio flat on wheels and yeah, that’s the main idea when you think about a presidential limousine for which is shown a great car care, because it has to transport the russian president Vladimir Putin.

Zil was founded in 1916 and besides trucks, offroad vehicles and others, Zil also produces hand-built limousines and luxury sedans as you can see from the photos but in a small number, usually being produced only for the russian government. Think about the fact that a presidential limousine like Zil has a huge acquisition cost just like Maybachs, Rolls Royces or Bentleys.

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car smell removal top tipsHello there automotive world! Sometimes when you buy a new car that’s also an used car (oxymoron) you can risk getting yourself ┬áin some bad smells if you know what i mean but hear me out on this; Buying a car with bad smells it’s a good thing because you can get a better price on it and you can get rid of smell in an easy manner later on because it’s your car and you need to have great care of cars if you want some mechanical respect from them.

So, if i have a point there you can start thinking of a great way to enjoy your car in long trips without smelling bad smells from the previous car owner. There are a lot of car care methods for showing your care of cars when it comes to bad smells and today i’ll start by giving you some top tips as the Top Gear series show could also do, but they don’t.

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