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Hello there car fanatics! Some of you car care guys really do enjoy reading all about cars and since this is an auto blog, I thought that you’ll be interested in today’s car related subject! Yep, it’s about the first 4 wheel steering car!

So, are you curious to find out which one of the auto manufacturers managed to make the first 4 wheel steering car in the world and when? It was Honda, yeah I know, those guys who make the old man’s car, according to Jeremy Clarkson, and the first car which went out of the factory with four wheel steering was a sports car of course, the 1988 Honda Prelude!

If you’re interested to read more about Honda’s solution for Viagra man, then go on 😀 .

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A lot of guys who watch the Top Gear series think that the 2013 Range Rover is one of the best off road cars out there and our funny show hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, think in the same way! The 2013 Range Rover is made to withstand any off road terrain and it loves letting you forget about car care even if it was built with extraordinary care of cars and impressive four by four or four wheel drive technology.

That’s why today, I’ll show you one hell of an off road competition between the 2013 Range Rover and a robotised army car that can drive by itself, called the TerraMax Terminator; So get ready to see an epic off road contest like in the famous fable about the rabbit vs turtle race. The only question remaining is: Which one will win?


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The Top Gear series is a hot tv show about cars which had huge success becase a curly haired man with great british humour knew how to keep people interested with it although he usually forgot every single bit of car care thinking; Yes, I’m referring to Jeremy Clarkson!

In 2002 along came some guys who did know and gave a sh%^t about taking care of cars and they all created a group of auto enthusiasts who love cars and that’s how a great remake of the Top Gear series was born!

So, what am I blabbering about over here..? Well I just wanted to show you guys a funny photo with James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson’s evolution throughout the years and man oh man, they went through some funny hairstyles if I might say so myself, except The Stig, he’s the same as always but I don’t know why they didn’t put the Black Stig as well..


When they were kids they all had something to laugh at just like we see in our childhood photos, for example:

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The Top Gear series has been around for a while now and Jeremy Clarkson always knew, in his funny british way, how to demonstrate, how to explain and how to answer to certain questions about cars even if he’s not that into car care!

Today, somebody asked me about the benefits of having a 4X4 car if you’re a town guy and immediately I’ve remembered Jeeza doing this great episode once and I’ve also found it on youtube.

Sure, having a big and comfy giant sofa to drive around town is nice and it’s a great testosterone booster but it also has its own downsides which can stop you from buying it, like:

If you’re thinking: “i have to have a Ferrari” just like Jeremy Clarkson did, then you’re in the right spot, the place where you’ll see how to buy a Ferrari and what it involves when doing it including a midlife crisis for those who will also be obsessed with car care after buying it.

Of course that Jeremy makes fun of Ferrari with their “good customer service” and the fact that you have little to none customizable options on a new Ferrari for that high acquisition cost or price tag.

What you’ll see in this next youtube video is a hilarious reconstruction of a man who’s going through a midlife crisis and decides that he’s got to have a new Ferrari, the man’s role being portrayed by Jeremy Clarkson, a dude who’s not that into care of cars and loves doing donuts! 😀


The auto industry invests a lot of money in car advertising and today’s article with the Honda NSX concept is a pretty darn good example of car commercial that’s appealing to the public. Guess what?! You can include in the Honda NSX’s car specs the fact that it can make plenty of tea; This small detail will be a high selling factor for the Honda NSX concept in Great Britain ’cause the brits sure do love their fresh cup of tea 😀

When you hear that car engine and its revving sound you get the feeling of something pushed to its limits and that Honda NSX concept is equipped with:

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strange addictions and fetishesIf you want so see a shocking video go no further, you’ve reached the right spot. I’m constantly talking about care of cars and it seems that some particular car owners display an exaggerated car care which goes beyond a healthy behaviour.

Today’s article is about a guy who, believe me or not, makes love with his car, in the literal way, yeah he is having sex with his car!

The sadest part of it all is that this cheap car is a simple but red Chevrolet Lumina from the second generation ( it has rounder headlights which makes it look more voluptuous and with more appealing curves :)).

C’mmon man how could you dare telling your father such a thing, especially on TV, I mean the auto world is shocked to hear that you have sex with a car, I pitty his father; In the past, if you’d do such a thing to your father, you would’ve ended up in a hospital with a broken jaw!

When his father asked him out of curiosity about the way in which he has sex with that Chevrolet, he answered:

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building a stingrayEverybody loved the classic Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and this muscle car / sports car is a beauty!

Now, with the passing of the years, the auto manufacturers from Chevrolet thought that it will be a good thing to reinvent their Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and they did with the 2014 model!

Check out this youtube video animation which shows you every single part which, when assembled, creates the whole new 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray:

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cyclist detection technologyThe auto industry has to constantly evolve with every single day that passes by and that’s why the auto manufacturers from Volvo managed to improve their car specs even more when it comes to car safety because they know a thing or two about car care and now, their new Volvos will have a new bicycle safety system that will protect every biker out there.

Bikers can feel safe on the streets with Volvo’s new car safety technology which can save lots of lifes!

Every biker knows that, on the streets, when it’s heavy traffic, you can risk getting injured or even die if you dare to ride your bike and Volvo estimated that more than 50% of european bikers die in stupid car accidents!

And guess what? At the Geneva Motor Show, Volvo presented their bicycle safety technology which does wonders when it comes to preventing accidents! Just check out the youtube video and you’ll see:

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see the priceless look on their faceHi there auto world! Are you guys in a good mood like i am? It’s time for some funny videos with kids, grandparents and parents; What kind of videos? Well, with their funny reaction to high speed!!

You’ll get to see cars from different auto manufacturers, a Porsche, 2 Subaru Impreza Wrx, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 and a Bmw M5 e39 from 2000! You must know that these aren’t ordinary cars, they’re sports cars with car racing pedigree and if the car specs don’t tend to impress you, then you should take a look at these hilarious videos with grandma’s reaction, mom’s reaction and a kid’s reaction when they get the ride of their lives! (btw that’s not my mom, grandma or boy :D).

So you get to see good japanese and german autos that change the definition of a thrilling and adrenaline pumping experience! You can see that on the grandparents / parents’ faces!

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