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cheap cars from the competitionSince Dacia is a huge success with its cheap cars such as the Logan, Sandero or Duster, the german auto manufacturer Volkswagen, decided to declare war to Dacia by producing their own cheap models at awesome small prices that’ll be between 5000 and 8000 euros. The fact that Dacia sold lots of its cars in Germany bothered Volkswagen because it affected their sales.

With the global economic crisis, people can’t afford a very expensive car but they still need one that can do its job: To take them safely, from point A to point B even if it’s not a supercar!

So, if people still need cars but cheap ones, it’s good that the auto manufacturers are trying to produce low cost cars with low fuel consumption and low prices when it comes to car maintenance.

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Hi you guys from the auto world, i’m back with a cool youtube video that has a fire breathing rat rod, yes you’ve read correctly, the rat rod’s car engine spits fire and flames while the engine sound caresses our soul.

The video was shot at some kind of a car shop but it’s more special than that, it’s a genuine hot rod shop, Kenny’s Rod Shop to be more specific. There you can find a team of professionals who build rat rods literally from scrap parts. Get a v8 engine from an old car which had brawn, some usable engine parts, a rusty chassis and a car body from a Ford T if you want to build such a fire breathing beast.

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video of modified 6 wheel 4X4This 6 wheel Nissan Patrol from the United Arab Emirates even if it has normal features like power windows, anti lock braking system, airbags and much more, its power steering is a bit stressed with that hydraulic system which handles two more wheels in front of the Patrol and the car engine is also stressed because it has to pump the fluid for the car’s hydraulics.

Usually, arabs are in the money and this is today’s example of wealth but not good taste because this is why we pay what we pay for gas people!

If you were extremely rich like them, would you destroy a Nissan Patrol in that way? I mean, look at it, the automotive world will be shocked at the mere sight of this hideous contraption.

This modified Nissan Patrol has no practical use as a 6 wheel car and it is also ugly! The Arab Emirates is one of the oil rich countries so a part of its inhabitants are the richest people in this world because gas makes the world go round! This youtube video makes me think that rich arabs didn’t even hear about care of cars. It seems to me that, if something is broken on a car, well they’ll throw the whole car to the junkyard.

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james bond car chase historyJust take a look at this awesome trailer for the new SkyMovies site which will have the whole collection of James Bond movies including, i hope, the Skyfall movie. They did a great job with editing some of the greatest movies with James Bond, making a James Bond car chase out of 6-7 movies which has at least one good car crash so car care is out of the question :).

If you’re interested about the cars which James Bond used throughout the time, then you’re still in the right place!

In this SkyMovies trailer, the James Bond role was played by different actors like:

  • Daniel Craig
  • Sean Connery
  • Pierce Brosnan
  • George Lazenby
  • Roger Moore
  • Timothy Dalton

This trailer made a great youtube video with lots of views and later on in this article, you’ll also see the Skyfall trailer which is from the new series of James Bond movies in which Daniel Craig has great acting skills. The new James Bond movie has as well a car chase scene and at least one good car crash.

Ohh and the clips which were put together to create the SkyMovies trailer are from James Bond movies like:

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vladimir putin's new presidential limousineThe pimped out presidential limousine from Zil looks like a massive studio flat on wheels and yeah, that’s the main idea when you think about a presidential limousine for which is shown a great car care, because it has to transport the russian president Vladimir Putin.

Zil was founded in 1916 and besides trucks, offroad vehicles and others, Zil also produces hand-built limousines and luxury sedans as you can see from the photos but in a small number, usually being produced only for the russian government. Think about the fact that a presidential limousine like Zil has a huge acquisition cost just like Maybachs, Rolls Royces or Bentleys.

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Hey automotive world, have you ever wondered about how to take care of a car when a crazy russian hits it with a bulldozer and unconsciously goes on his way? Yeah, what were the odds for such a car crash? Well, in Russia you can expect for anything when it comes to that holy Vodka.

Luckily for those car owners, the crazy russian got into a last car crash because, if he hadn’t got a flat tire on the bulldozer, he would’ve been going like stig in a Top Gear lap :).

That crazy russian is the perfect example for why i watch russian videos because after the last car crash which hadn’t any car care sense, he gets beat up by 2, oh wait 3, 4 guys.

So check out this russian video which besides the car crashes with the help of one big bulldozer, ends with a good old russian fight

I wanted to see some car racing uppss i mean bulldozer racing but sadly i didn’t get the chance for that..

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silent killer on streetsLots of people think that they can’t afford buying a green car but they’re wrong; Even India, which is one of the few cheap car manufacturers in the world, has allocated a budget of 4 billion dollars for a green car project in their push for hybrids and electric cars so even India has chosen clean environment over care of cars and you can buy a good and cheap electric car in the near future but what are we going to do with the lack of engine sound in a green car?

So, we know that green cars tend to eliminate that engine sound which some of us love, especially engine sounds from muscle cars 🙂 .. i know, it may be disappointing for those petrolheads out there who enjoy showing off and making noise with their awesome engines but there is one simple solution, solution which can resolve the problem with lack of engine sound in electric cars.

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The Bmw 5 series from 2004 despite of its bigger size than its predecessor it’s quite lighter and faster with a better fuel consumption and it doesn’t require too much car care activities because it’s a solid german auto and it does its job in a very good manner. Still, care of cars is lacking in today’s article with this funny highway car crash which involves a Bmw 5 series :D.

Even with the anti lock braking system, that black Bmw 5 series got over the highway rail, making it look like a funny highway car crash but still why should we laugh at the man if he wasn’t decided which turn to make, left or right :D. Well he decided to use none of those turns and went for a straight road, road which had an evil highway rail.

CareOfCars.com’s top tip:

When it comes to make a turn, choose one which doesn’t defy the laws of physics!

funny bmw over a highway rail

I wonder how much did the car shop bill the man after the funny highway car crash.

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top gear series best 10 car crash compilationEveryone likes a good video with awesome totaled cars even if this doesn’t promote care of cars and car care consciousness but remember that this is a Top Gear series archive video so you can expect to see some crashing, some explosions or some totaled cars :D.

Those cars went through the imaginary top gear lap and they had to die for their weak performance so you can’t say that Jeremy Clarkson, James May or Richard Hammond make a good team of professionals which provides good customer service if you know what i mean.

This youtube video has the best 10 totaled car collection from Top Gear series and if you’re wondering why they do that, then your answer will sound something like:

Because we can and we’re in the money!

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