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vladimir putin's new presidential limousineThe pimped out presidential limousine from Zil looks like a massive studio flat on wheels and yeah, that’s the main idea when you think about a presidential limousine for which is shown a great car care, because it has to transport the russian president Vladimir Putin.

Zil was founded in 1916 and besides trucks, offroad vehicles and others, Zil also produces hand-built limousines and luxury sedans as you can see from the photos but in a small number, usually being produced only for the russian government. Think about the fact that a presidential limousine like Zil has a huge acquisition cost just like Maybachs, Rolls Royces or Bentleys.

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Sometimes you can get tired of hearing that car engine roar and if you wish for some driving songs, then you’re, as usual, in the right spot, the spot where you can read about care of cars, car care methods, listen to car songs and much much more so let’s start with today’s article.

Driving songs are good and you wouldn’t ger far without them if you know what i mean :D. The Game and Kanye West did a great job with lots of car songs and you can see that in this “wouldn’t get far” song which has a funny youtube video.

I also like the beginning of this driving song which says something like this in its warning:

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