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There are a number of important factors that you need to consider when you want to find the perfect 4WD vehicle that is suitable for your off road adventure. To help you find the best off road car for your all-weather and all-terrain adventure, here are some important considerations that you should bear in mind you car care guy.

The off road car makers have a lot of tuning companies which know how to prepare the coolest all-terrain vehicle but sometimes you must know some different factors that you should consider if you want to avoid an off road disaster so that’s why the power of your car engine, terrain position, weather and other details are important:

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Today I have a treat for the auto world, something that’ll make them drool over the pc’s screen; The late Paul Walker was a man with great car care instincts and when a guy loves cars and also has the necessary means to afford the acquisition costs, then he’s gonna fill up his garage with everything that money can buy!

That whole car collection from Paul Walker’s garage must need its own car wash to keep them dust proof and all of those awesome v8 engines nice and shiny :P; I’m really curious what will happen now with all of those luxury cars, muscle cars, sports cars and supercars, they’re just sitting there, waiting to be driven by true auto enthusiasts who don’t have a limit when it comes to fuel consumption and free time…

While looking at this youtube video with a short presentation with Paul Walker’s best cars which money can buy, you’ll see models like:

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Walter White’s cars weren’t expensive or beautiful and you could see that from the beginning of the Breaking Bad series when the mighty Heisenberg, back then a humble chemistry teacher, was driving a Pontiac Aztek which I must add, was a hideous car but still, he had great car care instincts and always repaired it.

Now, in these past seasons, Heisenberg started driving hot cars forgetting about care of cars because:

  1. Walter White was beginning to show his real greedy face and mischevious thinking, typical for a meth mastermind!
  2. Breaking Bad became a hit tv show which had endless possibilities of making money and thus great publicity offers from huge companies started “shooting it down” such as Chrysler with their brand new 2013 Chrysler 300 SRT-8!

The targeted audience for the 2013 Chrysler 300 SRT-8 from Breaking Bad, yeah it’s a car commercial, are those rich kids who want to look badass just like Heisenberg did when he first drove it on his parking space along with his son’s new Dodge Challenger!

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Since the mid 1960’s you knew this hot muscle car which had its own elegant and aggressive signature and now the 2015 Ford Mustang is totally changed from what you’ve been used to.

The “old” muscle car went through a remake and now it has a total new look which resembles to one of a sports car but the sound… omg that engine sound from the 5.0 litre v8 engine.. It really gives me an eargasm!

The car engine that’s on the 2015 Ford Mustang gives you “only” 420 horsepower that can propel it to a top speed of 160 mp/h or 260 km/h!

If you choose the 2.3 litre EcoBoost engine which has a better mileage or fuel consumption, you’ll only get 305 horsepower and I don’t know if you’ll hear that exact rumbling v8 noise which you get on the 5.0 litre version!

This american auto will surely impress Richard Hammond from the Top Gear series but it seems that the public isn’t so into the new 2015 Ford Mustang Gt resulted from the evolution of the auto industry:

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Elon Musk, the founder of the incredibly innovative startup of an electric auto company we all know as Tesla, has decided to rock the auto world with some pretty big news regarding to their electric cars. However, as cool as his big news are, he might just be pushing the envelope in terms of taking away things we’re “used to”. Yes, we know that times change and certain things that we couldn’t live without are now obsolete, but when they’re new changes, it can feel a little bit strange.

We’re going to look first at Musk’s comments and then wonder how that might affect the auto industry and what kind of cars we’re going to have to drive in the future. This isn’t just about cool auto news, this is about how those cool new green cars change consumer experience for years and years to come.

90% Autonomous Vehicles that also know a thing or two about protection of the environment; Bold move Tesla!


If you’re thinking: “i have to have a Ferrari” just like Jeremy Clarkson did, then you’re in the right spot, the place where you’ll see how to buy a Ferrari and what it involves when doing it including a midlife crisis for those who will also be obsessed with car care after buying it.

Of course that Jeremy makes fun of Ferrari with their “good customer service” and the fact that you have little to none customizable options on a new Ferrari for that high acquisition cost or price tag.

What you’ll see in this next youtube video is a hilarious reconstruction of a man who’s going through a midlife crisis and decides that he’s got to have a new Ferrari, the man’s role being portrayed by Jeremy Clarkson, a dude who’s not that into care of cars and loves doing donuts! 😀


Hi there auto world, today I’m going to give you some top tips that’ll help you drive your car more than ever if fuel consumption was a key factor which determined your car’s usage!

A car engine is not that complicated, the more throttle you use and the heavier the car is, the more fuel you waste and that’s why you should try these easy 9 top tips to reduce the fuel costs and increase the car’s fuel mileage; Fuel economy is today’s car care topic, more like wallet care but anyway 🙂

Cheap cars or not, every one of them eats a lot of petrol and thus, the car owner’s money! Don’t throw away the hard earned cash!

9 great ways to lower fuel consumption:

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Today we’ll see two powerful sedans which will blow the auto world’s mind in a head to head youtube video, the 2014 BMW M5 and 2014 Mercedes E63 AMG S! These are cars which are made with great car care in mind, attention to every small detail and as a result, they’re 600 horsepower marvels of german engineering!

Yeah, the two sports cars which resemble more to supercars with their ultimate driving experience and a lot more horsepower than a Ferrari have the title of UBERHOLT PRESTIGE in german which means a car which deserves to pass you on the Autobahn! Take this for care of cars, they even invented a term for their awesomeness 😀

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Everybody wants to see electric cars on the road but what does the auto world think about them on the track? Wanna see an electric supercar which has an engine sound that resembles to a fuel jet taking off? Well with the help of the Top Gear series, you’ll see a running Citroen Survolt, a purebred electric racing car designed and built with great care of cars and innovative technology!

The Citroen Survolt is a concept car and green car all in one so it’s good for the protection of the environment and other tree hugger stuff besides racing; You can say bye bye to that nasty fuel consumption which a racing car has and enjoy its top speed !:D

I really don’t know what car care measures apply for this Citroen Survolt, but the auto manufacturers from Citroen gave it some impressive car specs besides a crazy futuristic look:


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