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Here’s one of the manly driving songs for those who want some refreshing rock and roll music for their cars. Clutch, but not that type of clutch :D, has great driving music for those badass bearded guys who own big trucks and you can feel that from his great rock and roll voice! Enjoy The Regulator!

I wanna say that simplicity is the key and raw things can be the best ones just like this kind of car songs; I wonder if you get this kind of music in GTA V while driving those stolen cars 🙂

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If you really want to, you can drive your car to another world by listening to this driving song which acts like a portal to another dimension or in our case, another world! The Chemical Brothers have great talent in binding all those calming and also thrilling tunes which make your goose bumps appear in no time.

As usual, good car songs can improve your way of being, your traffic manners and your mood. Wouldn’t you treat your car with great car care with this song playing in the backround? Shifting the gears gently, pushing the throttle with passion and kindness, just enjoying the road …

Please remember that care of cars is directly connected to your mood, that’s why you have to be relieved from all the daily stress; Music changes everything uhhh I mean good driving music! 😀

Here we have Another World from The Chemical Brothers:

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RED FANG – “Hank Is Dead” (Official Music Video), check out one of the coolest driving songs for those who listen to rock&roll music! This car song is truly awesome and it has a funny video which starts with a fat guy who showers and suddenly finds himself surrounded by two band members from Red Fang, all naked! Kind of awkward isn’t it?

These guys from Red Fang really know how to put up a show and make you feel nice and cool especially if you’re into rock music so get a high performance cd player, some quality speakers and enjoy your new ride comfort created with the help of your car care measures.

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