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Today’s car care kind of song is like the other chill out car songs which don’t let you drive your car in that pedal to the metal driving style so you also keep its wheels and tires in good condition along with other car parts like the bushings and etc.

Flume’s Ezra song is that kind of driving music which, if you accidentally listen to it, you get an instant feeling that everything is peaceful and cool around you, nothing matters anymore, not even care of cars.

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Hello there auto enthusiasts, here I am back again, writing once more, after a long break! Lately I’ve seen a pretty darn good movie which kept me on my toes but suddenly, at one point, this song from Patient 113 came up and it instantly made me feel like I’ve never felt before! (the movie was called The Collector)

And since this is an auto blog which keeps on babbling about care of cars or other car care related stuff, I’ve known in that exact moment that this is perfect for every car songs collection! Yeah, driving music is a must for those who spend a lot of their time with those well taken care of automobiles.

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Wanna feel like you’re the king of the streets? Use some great driving music, like those interesting driving songs from The Game, which’ll give you a great driving mood!

Now about that cool youtube video; Rappers always tend to show their car care and also value, by buying an expensive luxury car or sports one, which eventually undergoes some little to massive tuning up!

And most of the times, big auto manufacturers like Rolls Royce, tend to exaggerate their care of cars by giving some of their cars for free to these rappers who advertise them in their music videos! It’s a you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours situation!

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It’s time for some driving music and if you’re kind of in love, Drake is the best artist that can take you in another world, a world of yours and your boo. These driving songs like the one from Drake, called “show me a good time”, can make you feel so good..

Of course that some of those car lovers can relate to this tune from another perspective, the one which has something to do with car care:

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Today it’s time for those relaxing driving songs like this one from Chet Faker, No diggity! Stay classy, relaxed and think of better ways to show your car care while driving in a rainy day!

Chilling it out like this, can be the best thing which your soul needs to just feel detached from the daily problems of these days.

Yes, this article isn’t about care of cars but who cares, you just have to feel the rhythm and go to your car with a fresh song added to your driving music collection.

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Foo Fighters always knew how to make good driving music and here’s one of their cool songs, “Bridge Burning”. The lead singer, Dave Grohl, is a guy who enjoys his cars and he takes great care of cars so now you’re even more forced to put his driving songs in your mp3 list :D.

If you’re a little down, “bridge burning” will cheer you up and make you feel more determined especially if you have to make an instant decision!

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Won’t you just like to drive your car with good driving music on the backround? Chevelle is releasing a new album and I really think that it’s perfect for your driving songs collection! Why am I so sure about it? Well listen to this new tune from them, Hunter Eats Hunter;

It will make you wish you had a muscle car with a massive v8 engine that rumbles and clears the path for a great driving experience!

Here at care of cars, I really want to make you guys and gals feel like home, I want to provide great auto news, materials and especially some cool car songs for you, “thy” car care fanatic !


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It’s time to talk about driving music! Today I’ve stumbled upon a great tune that’s worth being a part of your driving songs collection and it’s from the official soundtrack of a car racing game, sure it’s not so realistic coming from EA but it’s made for you to show your car care and pure driving passion!

Besides the cool car music which it offers, Need For Speed Most Wanted 2 is a great game to play if you want to spare your tires and other wheel parts of your car from a grueling day at the race track.

Today’s song is from Bassnectar and it’s called Empathy and man oh man what a tune! You can feel a great bass vibe and when you’re racing in the game, you’ll always be the winner! Here, if you don’t believe me, check it out!

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The best car movie which I ever saw isn’t one from the Fast and Furious series or other car racing adrenaline junkie kind of movies, no, the one which I really felt connected with was Drive!

This interesting car movie which had in the main role Ryan Gosling, a bloke who doesn’t speak so much, was about a stuntman who made a living by being a professional getaway driver in his free time and man oh man, Ryan’s role was cool;

He had a 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle, an american muscle car which always needed car care tinkering but in the night, when he was driving it alone on those empty streets of L.A. with bright city lights, everything was relaxing and perfect so that’s why I’m always showing you different driving songs, for you to be in that cool driving mood.

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Let’s relax today, just chill without having to think about care of cars or any other car care related things. Hop inside your car and take it out for a spin while listening to cool driving songs like this one from The Neighbourhood that’s called “Afraid”.

When was the last time you stopped giving a f$%ck and just went with your car in that special place of yours? Yeah, everybody has a special place where they relax.. meditate.

If you want to, you can transform this song into a way of detaching yourself from anything just like the singer says:

It hurts but I won’t fight you
You suck anyway

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