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Today’s car care kind of song is like the other chill out car songs which don’t let you drive your car in that pedal to the metal driving style so you also keep its wheels and tires in good condition along with other car parts like the bushings and etc.

Flume’s Ezra song is that kind of driving music which, if you accidentally listen to it, you get an instant feeling that everything is peaceful and cool around you, nothing matters anymore, not even care of cars.

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Hello there auto enthusiasts, here I am back again, writing once more, after a long break! Lately I’ve seen a pretty darn good movie which kept me on my toes but suddenly, at one point, this song from Patient 113 came up and it instantly made me feel like I’ve never felt before! (the movie was called The Collector)

And since this is an auto blog which keeps on babbling about care of cars or other car care related stuff, I’ve known in that exact moment that this is perfect for every car songs collection! Yeah, driving music is a must for those who spend a lot of their time with those well taken care of automobiles.

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Tune up your radio on the OFF function and start addding up those car songs that’ll improve your driving mood when you really need it. Keys N Krates know how to make me feel happy and being in a good mood is everything when it comes to doing a better job in any domain.

Everything is easier to do when you choose to listen to some quality music like “All the time”, a song that inspires and makes you want to sing it all night long while showing your care of cars with some car polish. Yup, you’ll really get a better car care result when you’re in the zone!

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Foo Fighters always knew how to make good driving music and here’s one of their cool songs, “Bridge Burning”. The lead singer, Dave Grohl, is a guy who enjoys his cars and he takes great care of cars so now you’re even more forced to put his driving songs in your mp3 list :D.

If you’re a little down, “bridge burning” will cheer you up and make you feel more determined especially if you have to make an instant decision!

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Won’t you just like to drive your car with good driving music on the backround? Chevelle is releasing a new album and I really think that it’s perfect for your driving songs collection! Why am I so sure about it? Well listen to this new tune from them, Hunter Eats Hunter;

It will make you wish you had a muscle car with a massive v8 engine that rumbles and clears the path for a great driving experience!

Here at care of cars, I really want to make you guys and gals feel like home, I want to provide great auto news, materials and especially some cool car songs for you, “thy” car care fanatic !


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Wanna feel a little hardcore while driving your car? Well it’s time for you to get in the rhythm with some good car songs and that’s why today, I’ll show you a really good one from Chevelle, it’s called “Hats off to the bull”.

Be careful though with the throttle if there’s snow on the road ’cause even if you’re a good driver, a lot of bad things can happen; You must still keep that car care instinct and think every move you make while listening to this “thrilling” song.

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Check your car with great car care for rust, its oil and fuel level, its roaring engine, the tire pressure at each wheel and if the car battery has enough juice; After you’ve checked all of these (the rust is for you to know when to panic :D) you can get inside of it and not in the sexual way of course.

Power up your beast of a car for which you manifest that great care of cars of yours and hit the play button for AC/DC’s “Touch too much” song which is probably one of the best car songs, among others of course!

Now you can hit the road man.. drive like a free dude who hasn’t got any worries in the world. Rock is just awesome for when you want to escape the daily routines.. It’s sad though that our today’s rock legend, Bon Scott, had to die in 1980.

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If you want to live the american dream, you have to work your ass off and when you retire, you can buy yourself a Cadillac, the car which makes you look like the car owner of a Mercedes S class or BMW 7 series. Care of cars will not be a problem if you’re old and own a Cadillac ’cause you’ll wax it day and night 😀 .

Macklemore is the young example of a guy who owns Cadillacs, yeah.. more than one and I know you enjoy watching music videos that can also be car songs just like this one, White Walls!

A Cadillac is an american symbol for those rich guys and it never gets old as you can see here.. With a little car care, a Cadillac can look brand new and when you get your own Cadillac song from Macklemore for your driving songs collection, nothing can change the way you feel about it!



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Care of cars, car care and auto detailing can hold on, now it’s time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve! Of course that I’m gonna take a break from writing and you can go out and drink a lot of alcohol but CareOfCars.com’s top tip is:

Don’t drink and drive! You’d better take a cab or else you’ll risk a damaged car / body :D!

Now here’s another good tune which deserves to be in the car songs collection; It will energize you on that long trip to your parents’ house and it’s cool to just start eating, drinking and having a great time right after you arrive.

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Uhh my car care instinct is preserved right now because I’m listening to one of the cool driving songs which you’ve been used to. Be quiet and drive, that’s the name of the song, a fine rock & roll tune from Deftones, a 20 year old band which maintains its prestige.

Car songs like this one from Deftones are great for a long driving session which gets you to a high point from where you can see the city lights, at night of course :D.

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