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So, you’ve turned 18 and as all men do (and women of course), you want your own damn car!

Being a car owner is much more better than having to be driven around town by your parents and since you’ve managed to buy yourself a car after getting that low paid job, or if you received a car as a gift, you must start searching for that care of cars instinct of yours! Why? Well because the way in which you take care of it, will reflect the person that you really are and remember: “a happy car makes you feel good while driving it” 😀

There are lots of car care procedures in this auto world but you must know the basics when it comes to auto detailing, car maintenance and other car related stuff;

Showing your car care for that “special one on wheels” can be confusing for a teenager but here are some simple top tips that will help you make sense about care of cars:


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Car safety is a must when going on public roads and that’s why you have to show your car care regularly even if you’re the car owner of a cheap car!

The brakes are an important element on your vehicle because those are the ones that stop your car in case of an iminent car crash!

I know that a lot of guys from the auto world needs to save money and that’s why it’s good to do your own car repairs, especially when you car doesn’t have ultra expensive materials like ceramic brake pads and vented rotors; You also learn a lot about how to take care of cars!

This do it yourself repair also helps if you want to resell your car because the price tag will go higher when someone sees that your car is properly taken care of. Think about the acquisition cost for every part and if it’s a must to take it to a car shop!

Don’t worry, you won’t affect the anti lock braking system if you follow the steps from this youtube video tutorial!

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The auto industry usually does some nasty things like making hard to reach parts from your car just to force some of us to take our cars to a local car shop where they have special tools to change, switch, repair the parts/damages and etc. of our cars even if it seems a pretty easy thing to do but the auto manufacturers from Hyundai seem to have made a more easy way to access your fog light chamber when you need to replace that burnt fog light bulb from a Hyundai Elantra model :D.

Today’s article is a do it yourself tutorial, made with great car care, with top tips and good step by step info about how to change a fog light bulb on a Hyundai Elantra from 2007. This is why CareOfCars.com exists, to help you guys with anything!

Some car owners who like to show their care of cars will probably want to know more about their cars and in this case, a Hyundai Elantra’s fog light bulb is quite easy to get changed but you got to remember something:

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Okay now, you’re the car owner of a cool Jaguar F-Type, a luxury car filled with all kinds of electric gizmos; What would you do if your car won’t respond to the smart key?

Imagine yourself trying to get inside your car by pressing, without any response at all, the door unlock button from your Jaguar’s smart key! This is the moment when you realize that if you were a car care kind of guy, you would’ve read the Jaguar F-Type how to manual and you would’ve known how to get inside the car without the smart key.

But don’t worry, that’s why you’ve chosen this auto blog as your favorite, everything that’s related to the auto world will be discussed here!

First of all, if your smart key fails to work that must be due to a dead battery or other unexpected malfunctions so don’t worry, your car battery is ok!

So, you don’t have to take your Jaguar F-Type to the car shop because Jaguar has good customer service and the auto manufacturers know that sometimes you’ll end up with a dead battery or whatever with your smart key and that’s why you get this next video tutorial which explains how to open the Jaguar F-Type’s door and also how to disable the alarm!


If you’re in the mood for a great laugh then you’re in the right spot ’cause today I’ll show you a funny auto way to advertise in a somewhat car joke, a second hand car which withstood the test of time, a 1996 Nissan Maxima GLE Sport Sedan.

So this 1996 Nissan Maxima appeared in a Craigslist car ad but it was different and special because the car owner had a great sense of humor and he made a car commercial like video to sell it!

This funny video for that Nissan rust bucket had a positive effect in this controversial auto world, the youtube video gaining almost 1.5 million views; How’s that for action and reaction with the help of some simple care of cars?

The 1996 Nissan Maxima was in a truly awful shape and even the best auto detailing couldn’t help it a lot but you know what?? After this car commercial which had a huge success on Craigslist, the actual Nissan car company bought it from the owner and the acquisition cost or price tag was 1.400 dollars but if you took this Nissan Maxima to a car shop all the repair bills would’ve been double the car’s price, anyway this is some kind of good customer service if Nissan buys back its old cars :D.

Here is the actual 1996 Nissan Maxima car ad parody:

The best off road car from Mercedes, the Mercedes G class went into production in 1979 and it still has its faithful clients, rugged men with some cash in their pockets, people who love the way Mercedes invested a lot of car care into their luxury SUVs.

The car specs on the Mercedes G class are constantly updated and it can make it through harsh and rough off road surfaces but this time, even with a G Class, a steep hill turned the king of the hill into a beaten up piece of metal; The Mercedes G class got into a car crash or car accident which damaged it pretty bad and you can see it live in this off road fail video where it went through a couple of rollovers!

Sometimes people take care of cars not too seriously but the other way around and that’s not a real bad thing because we, the audience can get a lot of laughs out of these car care jokes like the one which these teenage pranksters perform with their small and old Nissan Micra making it sound like a sports car or even a supercar with the cheapest racing exhaust you can think of!

Every funny teenager from the auto world tries to make his car sound better, be faster and look prettier but these russian teens really know how to make people laugh on the street with their car joke ’cause they’ve managed to create the perfect sports car sound with only a piece of rubber from a cut hose; Yeah this really is the cheapest exhaust muffler ever created 😀

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Lambo sliced in half

Lambo sliced in half in Brooklyn New York

Great news! You get the chance to see some fresh car photos of a Lamborghini Aventador but this article comes with a twist!

That white Lamborghini Aventador which you’re about to see, is a totaled car which comes in 3 pieces, the rear part of the car, front part and a 6.5 litre v12 engine sitting in the middle of the street :D.

I really get the feeling that the guy who owned this Lamborghini Aventador wanted some car racing action on the streets of Brooklyn, New York City and that resulted into a monumental high speed car crash which transformed his Lambo into 2 Lambos, yeah it got ripped in half!

removing dents and scratches off of your car in 10 minutesIf you get into a car crash and obtain some scratches, the other car’s paint over yours, dents and anything else, you usually must pay dearly for this lack of car care which you showed if it was your fault.

Don’t worry bro, that’s why I’m constantly searching the web for clean, easy and costless ways to keep your car in a at least good shape!

If you don’t have a car insurance and try to take your car to a car shop for some “straightening”, you’ll probably end up spending over 2000 dollars for similar dents and scratches like those which were on the truck from this youtube video.

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matte black acura integra with gold rimsRemember the old Acura Integra from Need For Speed Underground? It had great car specs and our today’s funny video with a classic car fail involves one matte black with gold rims Acura Integra that gets bashed by its car owner 😀 .

It seems that the driver knows a thing or two when it comes to care of cars because he probably did an engine check up or an oil change, but he didn’t expect for this funny auto thing to happen.

What happened to him was a different type of car crash, more of a fail with the third generation Acura Integra (american auto) or Honda Integra that was produced between 1993 and 2001. So don’t you want to laugh a little at this funny youtube video?

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