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There are a number of important factors that you need to consider when you want to find the perfect 4WD vehicle that is suitable for your off road adventure. To help you find the best off road car for your all-weather and all-terrain adventure, here are some important considerations that you should bear in mind you car care guy.

The off road car makers have a lot of tuning companies which know how to prepare the coolest all-terrain vehicle but sometimes you must know some different factors that you should consider if you want to avoid an off road disaster so that’s why the power of your car engine, terrain position, weather and other details are important:

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Care of cars, car care and auto detailing can hold on, now it’s time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve! Of course that I’m gonna take a break from writing and you can go out and drink a lot of alcohol but CareOfCars.com’s top tip is:

Don’t drink and drive! You’d better take a cab or else you’ll risk a damaged car / body :D!

Now here’s another good tune which deserves to be in the car songs collection; It will energize you on that long trip to your parents’ house and it’s cool to just start eating, drinking and having a great time right after you arrive.

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Do you remember Jean Claude Van Damme and his cool split which made him famous in all those fighting movies? Well even if he’s old, he can still do it and you can see it in one new truck commercial from Volvo. Ohh yeah and you’re asking yourself what’s the catch with it; Well, Jean Claude Van Damme did this dangerous stunt while being with each foot on different side mirrors of two Volvo FMX trucks and the trucks were going backwards!

So, the Volvo truck ad wants to show the precision of Volvo auto manufacturers and their great care of cars by showing one of the most epic splits of Jean Claude Van Damme in a live test which was set up to demonstrate the precision and directional stability of the new Volvo Dynamic Steering!

After watching this cool truck commercial with Jean Claude Van Damme, what do you think?

Everybody likes outstanding supercars and this time Mercedes Benz created one exclusively for that play station game.. Gran Turismo 6!

When it comes to car design, this new Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo or GT which will appear in the PS3 Gran Turismo 6 game (yeah, it will never go into production) has elements from different auto manufacturers like its aggressive 2013 Audi style headlights, Aston Martin front grill (or for other minds a 300 SL front grill), stretched out Porsche 911 feel on the side view and a back which gets design elements from Lamborghini Veneno and Mclaren P1 with LED all around (including LED inserted into the front grill like Kitt from Knight Rider), bulging fenders and of course, some Gullwing doors.

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The auto world is interested in everything which has wheels and an engine and that’s why today I’m writing about the funny and also risky truck commercial from Volvo which was shot in the Gothenburg port from Sweden ; As the president of the Volvo trucks branch Claes Nilsson says:

When you want to make a youtube hit, you need the hook at the beginning of the video and here it is! This is a hook from the new Volvo FMX, made from cast iron and it holds up to 32 tons! You don’t need to worry about anything, the new Volvo FMX is the most robust truck which Volvo has ever built!

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Every car owner of a Land Rover Defender will be sad to hear that this awesome off road car will be discontinued in 2 years.. yeah auto world, there won’t be anymore Land Rover Defenders out there or will they?!!

The old Land Rover Defender legacy which started in the 1940’s will be replaced with a new and awesome all wheel drive off roader which will blow everybody’s mind! The main reason for discontinuing the classic Land Rover Defender is that it became an unsafe car by European standards and car safety is a must these days. Anyway, for those who really love the bold Land Rover Defender, here is a small photo gallery with an A. Kahn Defender from the A. Kahn Design center.


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Lambo sliced in half

Lambo sliced in half in Brooklyn New York

Great news! You get the chance to see some fresh car photos of a Lamborghini Aventador but this article comes with a twist!

That white Lamborghini Aventador which you’re about to see, is a totaled car which comes in 3 pieces, the rear part of the car, front part and a 6.5 litre v12 engine sitting in the middle of the street :D.

I really get the feeling that the guy who owned this Lamborghini Aventador wanted some car racing action on the streets of Brooklyn, New York City and that resulted into a monumental high speed car crash which transformed his Lambo into 2 Lambos, yeah it got ripped in half!

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collision prevention assist advertising on C classEverybody knows Adolf Hitler, the man who did lots of wrongs which will remain forever in all the history books. He was a type of person who loved technology and encouraged his scientists and engineers to adapt and evolve everything starting with cars like his Mercedes ones for which he showed great car care and ending with jet engine aircraft fighters (those things were new back in the day); Maybe that’s the reason why some students “used and sacrificed” a younger version of Adolf with the help of Hitler’s favorite car brand in this next Mercedes car commercial.

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