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strange addictions and fetishesIf you want so see a shocking video go no further, you’ve reached the right spot. I’m constantly talking about care of cars and it seems that some particular car owners display an exaggerated car care which goes beyond a healthy behaviour.

Today’s article is about a guy who, believe me or not, makes love with his car, in the literal way, yeah he is having sex with his car!

The sadest part of it all is that this cheap car is a simple but red Chevrolet Lumina from the second generation ( it has rounder headlights which makes it look more voluptuous and with more appealing curves :)).

C’mmon man how could you dare telling your father such a thing, especially on TV, I mean the auto world is shocked to hear that you have sex with a car, I pitty his father; In the past, if you’d do such a thing to your father, you would’ve ended up in a hospital with a broken jaw!

When his father asked him out of curiosity about the way in which he has sex with that Chevrolet, he answered:

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james bond car chase historyJust take a look at this awesome trailer for the new SkyMovies site which will have the whole collection of James Bond movies including, i hope, the Skyfall movie. They did a great job with editing some of the greatest movies with James Bond, making a James Bond car chase out of 6-7 movies which has at least one good car crash so car care is out of the question :).

If you’re interested about the cars which James Bond used throughout the time, then you’re still in the right place!

In this SkyMovies trailer, the James Bond role was played by different actors like:

  • Daniel Craig
  • Sean Connery
  • Pierce Brosnan
  • George Lazenby
  • Roger Moore
  • Timothy Dalton

This trailer made a great youtube video with lots of views and later on in this article, you’ll also see the Skyfall trailer which is from the new series of James Bond movies in which Daniel Craig has great acting skills. The new James Bond movie has as well a car chase scene and at least one good car crash.

Ohh and the clips which were put together to create the SkyMovies trailer are from James Bond movies like:

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vladimir putin's new presidential limousineThe pimped out presidential limousine from Zil looks like a massive studio flat on wheels and yeah, that’s the main idea when you think about a presidential limousine for which is shown a great car care, because it has to transport the russian president Vladimir Putin.

Zil was founded in 1916 and besides trucks, offroad vehicles and others, Zil also produces hand-built limousines and luxury sedans as you can see from the photos but in a small number, usually being produced only for the russian government. Think about the fact that a presidential limousine like Zil has a huge acquisition cost just like Maybachs, Rolls Royces or Bentleys.

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Sometimes you can get tired of hearing that car engine roar and if you wish for some driving songs, then you’re, as usual, in the right spot, the spot where you can read about care of cars, car care methods, listen to car songs and much much more so let’s start with today’s article.

Driving songs are good and you wouldn’t ger far without them if you know what i mean :D. The Game and Kanye West did a great job with lots of car songs and you can see that in this “wouldn’t get far” song which has a funny youtube video.

I also like the beginning of this driving song which says something like this in its warning:

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drive royal cars and get paidDo you know what you can get with one valid chauffeur license in the United Kingdom? Well let’s say that if you love your Queen, you can drive her around UK and get paid :D. So, you can forget about care of cars, because it’s all taken care of if you drive royal cars for Her Majesty the Queen.

I know it sounds to good to be true but it’s just that simple. The Royal Household‘s posted a job listing for a chauffeur to be more exact one “First Chauffeur” which will be on Her Majesty’s disposal and don’t think of it as being on her Majesty‚Äôs Secret Service because, being a first chauffeur is not that sophisticated but it pays very well.

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