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new tires from goodyear to prevent tire wearHey automotive world, today i have some good auto news for you because Goodyear announced that the new self inflating tires will go on sale!!! Goodyear is all about tires, and those car tires are made because car care is needed everywhere, starting with the headlights and ending with the exhaust pipe.

The auto industry always has to improve itself to show better car care techniques and it has to think of better ways to improve the driver’s car and ease his driving experience to make him feel more comfortable and safe. Car tires have an important role besides sustaining the car’s weight and you’ll see, that new tires like those self inflating ones from Goodyear, usually do more than a simple task of moving the car from point A to point B.

New tires, especially the new self inflating ones from Goodyear improve things like:

  • together with the anti lock braking system or ABS, those Goodyear tires can help you avoid a car crash or only a slight fender bender because of the better grip when braking.
  • the most important feature which you get from those self inflating tires made by Goodyear is that besides safety capabilites, you also get a much more better fuel consumption!!!! That’s right!

Want to know more about the new tires from Goodyear with that self inflating thingy?

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video of modified 6 wheel 4X4This 6 wheel Nissan Patrol from the United Arab Emirates even if it has normal features like power windows, anti lock braking system, airbags and much more, its power steering is a bit stressed with that hydraulic system which handles two more wheels in front of the Patrol and the car engine is also stressed because it has to pump the fluid for the car’s hydraulics.

Usually, arabs are in the money and this is today’s example of wealth but not good taste because this is why we pay what we pay for gas people!

If you were extremely rich like them, would you destroy a Nissan Patrol in that way? I mean, look at it, the automotive world will be shocked at the mere sight of this hideous contraption.

This modified Nissan Patrol has no practical use as a 6 wheel car and it is also ugly! The Arab Emirates is one of the oil rich countries so a part of its inhabitants are the richest people in this world because gas makes the world go round! This youtube video makes me think that rich arabs didn’t even hear about care of cars. It seems to me that, if something is broken on a car, well they’ll throw the whole car to the junkyard.

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mclaren p1 race with bugattiIf someone poor got as a gift that new Mclaren P1 supercar which will be launched next year, well let’s say that he would have to declare bankruptcy in no time even if he enjoys taking care of cars. The taxes for this supercar will just start bleeding him dry.

I won’t talk about fuel consumption on the new Mclaren P1 because it’s a supercar and i don’t believe that its consumption will be so impressive like some specialised guys from the automotive world say it will. Anyway, if you can afford the acquisition cost for a Mclaren P1 then you can also afford to fill it up every 20 miles 🙂 . With a huge price tag of 800.000 quids you would expect this supercar to beat the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport but it’s said that the Mclaren P1 isn’t designed to outrun it..

Okay i understand that but, what will Mclaren P1 offer me?

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electric cars as gifts from renault It isn’t something shocking for the automotive world but the auto industry has evolved and that’s a good thing for a person who doesn’t like to take care of cars which are badly made or cheap looking.

Of course you can’t expect for car racing competitions with electric cars, not just yet but you can be sure that, if Renault gave away 2 electric cars to the Pope, then that’s the first step to start producing electric cars which are as green as half of the earth :).

Auto manufacturers should see an opportunity in this Renault marketing scheme because Renault, with its gift to the Pope which is a flashy strategy, started the domino game with green cars which don’t have a nasty fuel consumption.. oo wait there’s no fuel consumption at all!

Those 2 electric cars which the Pope received as a gift, are based on:

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Hey automotive world, have you ever wondered about how to take care of a car when a crazy russian hits it with a bulldozer and unconsciously goes on his way? Yeah, what were the odds for such a car crash? Well, in Russia you can expect for anything when it comes to that holy Vodka.

Luckily for those car owners, the crazy russian got into a last car crash because, if he hadn’t got a flat tire on the bulldozer, he would’ve been going like stig in a Top Gear lap :).

That crazy russian is the perfect example for why i watch russian videos because after the last car crash which hadn’t any car care sense, he gets beat up by 2, oh wait 3, 4 guys.

So check out this russian video which besides the car crashes with the help of one big bulldozer, ends with a good old russian fight

I wanted to see some car racing uppss i mean bulldozer racing but sadly i didn’t get the chance for that..

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Sometimes you can get tired of hearing that car engine roar and if you wish for some driving songs, then you’re, as usual, in the right spot, the spot where you can read about care of cars, car care methods, listen to car songs and much much more so let’s start with today’s article.

Driving songs are good and you wouldn’t ger far without them if you know what i mean :D. The Game and Kanye West did a great job with lots of car songs and you can see that in this “wouldn’t get far” song which has a funny youtube video.

I also like the beginning of this driving song which says something like this in its warning:

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mini cooper car wrappingSometimes we have our own cars and those cars usually tend to have that nasty fuel consumption problem or they kind of tend to break down or you have to pay auto taxes… but now, i have good news especially for the automotive world. I know that the lack of money can make you neglect the care of cars with which you’ve been used to and your car care manners kind of disappear when you’re not in the money!

Now, have you ever thought about car advertising (branding a car)? – it only involves a team of professionals who brand a car (your car) with a digitally printed, high quality vinyl and that vinyl is the how to make money easy part from this article. It’s as simple as that!

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The fourth generation Mitsubishi Pajero is a very manly car and it has quite a big quantity of horsepower under the bonnet and that’s good material for a car joke. This funny car photo can give you inspiration to make fun of the automotive world by making a horse joke for example. Still, it seems that car care is everywhere if you think at the time spent to edit that car photo with horses. Hopefully there’s no stolen horse, get it?

It’s a funny car joke but sometimes when your car ages and if you don’t usually take care of cars then you might be tempted to say to your friends when they ask you about your car something like:

my throttle feels like somebody stole my horses!

Well.. you can amuse yourself with this funny Mitsubishi photo that’s worth showing at a Mitsubishi showroom. Be sure that this funny car photo can be turned into an amusing car joke by Jeremy Clarkson from the Top Gear series.

funny car photo about horsepower

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car smell removal top tipsHello there automotive world! Sometimes when you buy a new car that’s also an used car (oxymoron) you can risk getting yourself  in some bad smells if you know what i mean but hear me out on this; Buying a car with bad smells it’s a good thing because you can get a better price on it and you can get rid of smell in an easy manner later on because it’s your car and you need to have great care of cars if you want some mechanical respect from them.

So, if i have a point there you can start thinking of a great way to enjoy your car in long trips without smelling bad smells from the previous car owner. There are a lot of car care methods for showing your care of cars when it comes to bad smells and today i’ll start by giving you some top tips as the Top Gear series show could also do, but they don’t.

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