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Since I was a kid, even if I didn’t show too much affection for my parents, deep down inside I loved them and was fully aware of their struggle to raise me with a low income and “a lot of life’s problems on their plate”. That’s the time when I also decided, that when I would grow up, to do everything in my power to make them happy and treat them like they did with me!

It seems that others managed to get successful quicker than me, just like Christian Guzman, a pro fitness model who bought a Cadillac SRX for his father as a birthday present with tears of joy in his eyes! And oh my God what an amazing and oddly satisfying reaction he had after seeing his auto gift! I guess that car care will be taken to the extreme, now that the father has a car which he loves from his very own son!

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Wanna feel like a man from the 1970’s when petrol was cheap and everybody just didn’t give a F word about green cars and other eco things? The time when every car had over 3.0 litre engines and a lot of torque to just go drag racing and do other crazy stuff, has gone..

Today, because I know how nostalgic some of you diesel fans are, I’ve decided to show you a great youtube video with two diesel mammoths, the Ford F350 and Dodge Ram 3500, going on doing stunts and showing off their impressive power that also mocks mother Earth and destroys every shred of nature in its path.

The auto manufacturers always build similar cars in their categories and that’s why the Dodge Ram 3500 is almost the same with Ford F350 at pulling and other car specs. They both have huge car engines and if we start talking about the fuel consumption on these badass toys, well, we should probably avoid this subject :D.

The auto industry has started building some hardcore cheeky trucks which can be used for moving anything that you can think of but today you’ll see how two almost identical trucks try to move the other one in a tug of war snow battle with them being chained together! Diesel madness!


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The Fast and Furious series had a special staff which was designated to choose the cars that were perfect for the movies and sometimes, in an excessive care of cars they even rejected cars that were already assembled and tuned. The billion dollar movie franchise has a lot of car projects that didn’t appear into the movie series and that’s what this youtube video is all about.. Check it out!

In this awesome car racing movie series you could see most of the classic american autos like muscle cars or other iconic american cars and also imported cars (especially japanese ones) which had extraordinary car specs; Every car from the series had NOS and the public loved it when it was used in a thrilling car chase even if most of the time, a lot of them would get involved in some kind of a spectacular car crash.

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Since the mid 1960’s you knew this hot muscle car which had its own elegant and aggressive signature and now the 2015 Ford Mustang is totally changed from what you’ve been used to.

The “old” muscle car went through a remake and now it has a total new look which resembles to one of a sports car but the sound… omg that engine sound from the 5.0 litre v8 engine.. It really gives me an eargasm!

The car engine that’s on the 2015 Ford Mustang gives you “only” 420 horsepower that can propel it to a top speed of 160 mp/h or 260 km/h!

If you choose the 2.3 litre EcoBoost engine which has a better mileage or fuel consumption, you’ll only get 305 horsepower and I don’t know if you’ll hear that exact rumbling v8 noise which you get on the 5.0 litre version!

This american auto will surely impress Richard Hammond from the Top Gear series but it seems that the public isn’t so into the new 2015 Ford Mustang Gt resulted from the evolution of the auto industry:

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RED FANG – “Hank Is Dead” (Official Music Video), check out one of the coolest driving songs for those who listen to rock&roll music! This car song is truly awesome and it has a funny video which starts with a fat guy who showers and suddenly finds himself surrounded by two band members from Red Fang, all naked! Kind of awkward isn’t it?

These guys from Red Fang really know how to put up a show and make you feel nice and cool especially if you’re into rock music so get a high performance cd player, some quality speakers and enjoy your new ride comfort created with the help of your car care measures.

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The Humvee is made for those who put their lives first instead of car care because usually, you’ll see the Hummer H1 or HMMWV M1116 fighting America’s wars. But don’t worry, this hardcore all wheel drive monster of a car is built with great care of cars in order to prove its off roading capabilities!!

Today, with Motor Trend’s help, you’ll see a nice contest between two military vehicles which try to demonstrate that the US army can have fast armored off roaders that can go anywhere and climb everything so let’s see this awesome shootout!

I’m pretty sure that you didn’t know about Lamborghini’s attempt to sign a contract with the US military in 1975. That’s when they created the Lamborghini Cheetah and since the US government didn’t bite, they went ahead with producing the coolest SUV with a Countach V12 car engine.

removing dents and scratches off of your car in 10 minutesIf you get into a car crash and obtain some scratches, the other car’s paint over yours, dents and anything else, you usually must pay dearly for this lack of car care which you showed if it was your fault.

Don’t worry bro, that’s why I’m constantly searching the web for clean, easy and costless ways to keep your car in a at least good shape!

If you don’t have a car insurance and try to take your car to a car shop for some “straightening”, you’ll probably end up spending over 2000 dollars for similar dents and scratches like those which were on the truck from this youtube video.

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It seems that Tom Hardy did a great job when it came to play the role of Bane in Batman – The Dark Knight Rises, because now, you get the chance to see funny Bane memes that command people even when they’re just drawings on cars :D; I just wish they have drawn a funny Batman too..

Another car owner had been surprised with his very own finger drawing made by drawing artists with awesome drawing skills who hate the simple wash me writing on a dirty car. That expressive drawing with Bane’s face and mask can amuse anyone who went to the cinema when Batman – The Dark Knight Rises aired.

funny photo

The Bane meme says something like this:

When the car has been washed, you have my permission to DRIVE!

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jeep wrangler unlimited third row seatingHey there auto world, i have some great auto news for you! If you loved the old Jeep Wrangler, then i think you’ll love the new Jeep Wrangler JK six pak concept car which basically is a long wheelbase version of the old Jeep Wrangler as you can see from the car pictures. Yes, the term of “six pak” comes from the number of seats that are inside of the new car 😀 .

The auto manufacturers from Jeep thought that they could build another american auto which can compete with the almighty and huge Hummer which gives you a lot of space and they made a small stretch car which looks pretty cool so, those who love manly cars should pray for it to get on the assembly line! Thankfully, we got a chance to see one of the prototype cars at that Detroit gas station.

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2013 Ford police interceptorIf you want to find out more about the new Ford Taurus police interceptor sedan, then you’re in the right spot! The new police car is built by one of the oldest auto manufacturers out there, Ford, and it has been made with great car care in mind and everything about it can make the auto world wish they’d own one!

Its price will go near the 30.000$ price tag but this is quite a good acquisition cost for a police interceptor and our today’s blonde Jessi Lang from Motor Trend, tests it with everything she can think of in this awesome youtube video so care of cars is not her strong point! You can expect to see the 2013 Ford police interceptor being driven:

  • with high speed and it will ocasionally break the speed limit
  • on an urban landscape that mimics school zones, public roads and lots of city driving situations which a police officer may encounter when he’s in a car chase
  • over a train track faster than the recommended speed
  • on a whoop section for some roller coaster fun with the new suspension tuning 😀
  • on a skidpad with “black ice”

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