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 car safety volkswagen styleVolkswagen is known by its care of cars and good customer service so now, the famous auto manufacturer made a Volkswagen commercial that’s not based on car care but instead being based on care of people and yes that’s a good strategy since people buy their cars and also some of them use the mirrors from the cars to put make up on.

That means it should be every auto manufacturer’s priority not only Volkswagen’s.. So, about the Volkswagen commercial, it’s nice to see that they care of people especially their customers and this could be even a motivational video for everyone but, this car safety video focuses only on women.

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Have you ever wondered about how someone like Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear can take care of cars by simply not having an accident? It’s sad how many people die each year, according to some car accident statistics from USA that show nearly 6.420.000 auto accidents in 2006.

So Jeremy Clarkson is giving us a Top Gear top tip on how to avoid a car accident in order to keep a car care instinct and of course to keep us alive.

Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear top tip is quite funny and it’s even proven by him in the following funny video but first of all let’s see that top tip on how to avoid a car accident according to Jeremy Clarkson :D.

how to avoid a car accident

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You’re in a treat today if you want to take care of cars including their engines because i found this awesome motivational video on youtube with an animated engine rebuild. The fun part about this animated video with the engine rebuild that’s made out of 3000 photos is its unique soundtrack, “In The Hall Of The Mountain King” from Edvard Griegs that gives you an awkward inspirational mood.

Rebuilding an engine is one greasy job and if you’re not in the money it really is a great way to spend your free time.. so as i’ve said, it seems a greasy job but just take a look at that guy’s animated video.. everything seems so simple, neat and clean with that engine rebuild and you should know that a proper engine rebuild should last at least 100.000 miles if you remember the car care rules.

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Nas – Daughters

If you’re a daddy i bet that you miss your kid when you’re on the road driving your car.. Nevertheless, having a daughter to raise is even harder than having a boy and i guess that you would like to have special driving songs to make you feel like you’re close to your loved ones. A good example of car song for this purpose is the song daughters from Nas!!

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You can take care of cars by tuning them too, if you’re in the money and this is the case for our today’s article about this Lamborghini Gallardo lp560-4 from 2009 tuned by Heffner Performance that pulls out almost 1000 horsepower.

Just listen to the stock engine sound from the first part of the video and then listen to the aftermarket part where the revved v10 engine makes you go nuts! In order to sound like that, Heffner Performance tuned the Lamborghini Gallardo by adding two turbochargers (twin turbo), a new complex exhaust system and by doing some small trims to the engine. That tuned Lambo sure sounds more like an american muscle car and it’s fantastic!

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front view on skoda rapidI simply adore it, it looks exquisite! Let me tell you a little about the Rapid Skoda developed from the MissionL concept car and show you some Skoda Rapid pictures that will blow your mind.

First of all, the new 2012 Rapid Skoda is a mid-size saloon that will beat Skoda Fabia’s size but will be smaller than Skoda Octavia. The czech car will be 4.38 meters long and its boot capacity will be around 460 liters.

AS you can see from these Skoda Rapid pictures, this car is stylish and a good replacement for Volkswagen Jetta in its class. With its boot-lid, taillights and rear bumper looking that agressive it seems that the new Rapid Skoda achieved the title of car with personality and because Skoda has good care of cars, the Rapid has options like:

  • adjustable steering
  • you can adjust your driving posture because you can lower or raise your driver’s seat
  • power windows
  • air conditioner for those hot days in the car
  • power steering to ease your hand movements around the wheel
  • anti lock braking system or ABS
  • power door lock
  • cd player
  • lots of airbags are included to the Rapid Skoda options pack too

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reduced co2 emissions by green cabsThe auto industry is in an ongoing expansion and because of the intensive pollution from these days, there are new car care measures that help with the improvement of the air quality, air which our children breathe every single second of their life.

One good example of these safety measures for reducing pollution from cars was adopted recently in New York. New York is known by its yellow cabs but now, mayor Michael Bloomberg replaced a part of the yellow cab fleet with green cabs! Yes, not only the colour is changed at these cabs but also they’re environmental friendly so green cars have their place everywhere around the world.

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