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Now this isn’t like the typical driving songs¬†for cars with which you’ve been used to because this is a retro song from the late 1970s when cars still had huge engines. In the late 1970s, people could still take care of cars by theirselves because there weren’t any electronic parts in their cars like in these days when you have to take your car to the car shop if you want to keep your car care consciousness clean!

There were some good times in the 1970s when driving songs like this one got launched and this one was an instant hit especially if you had a car in those days in which you felt safest of all, where you could lock all your doors ūüėÄ .

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facebook cover galleryFacebook is the world’s biggest site along with Google the search engine and i think it will get as old as these classic muscle cars or hot rods. Facebook is also the place which provides social networking services and it can be a great tool for you to use when promoting anything from magazines, blogs, search engine optimization to selling muscle cars, hot rods or car products and there are over 900 million active users in this community so you can hit the jackpot anytime and get in the money!

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The fourth generation Mitsubishi Pajero is a very manly car and it has quite a big quantity of horsepower under the bonnet and that’s good material for a car joke. This funny car photo can give you inspiration to make fun of the automotive world by making a horse joke for example. Still, it seems that car care is everywhere if you think at the time spent to edit that car photo with horses. Hopefully there’s no stolen horse, get it?

It’s a funny car joke but sometimes when your car ages and if you don’t usually take care of cars then you might be tempted to say to your friends when they ask you about your car something like:

my throttle feels like somebody stole my horses!

Well.. you can amuse yourself with this funny Mitsubishi photo that’s worth showing at a Mitsubishi showroom. Be sure that this funny car photo can be turned into an amusing¬†car joke by Jeremy Clarkson from the Top Gear series.

funny car photo about horsepower

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how to save fuelAs fuel prices rise by day, we are forced in a way to stop having a good care of cars by using cheap fuel and usually cheap fuel means water in fuel scams so, today i’ll tell you 6 secret tips which will help you with saving money and realize that it’s easy to know how to save fuel and get car care notions which will keep you in the money!

People don’t afford to buy new cars that have the best fuel consumption and that’s why some of us: me, you, they need to get a hold of these 6 secret tips for saving money which teach us how to save fuel in a pretty easy way and it also helps with memorizing some of the important car care top tips thus keeping you on the right path for taking care of cars.

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car smell removal top tipsHello there automotive world! Sometimes when you buy a new car that’s also an used car (oxymoron) you can risk getting yourself ¬†in some bad smells if you know what i mean but hear me out on this; Buying a car with bad smells it’s a good thing because you can get a better price on it and you can get rid of smell in an easy manner later on because it’s your car and you need to have great care of cars if you want some mechanical respect from them.

So, if i have a point there you can start thinking of a great way to enjoy your car in long trips without smelling bad smells from the previous car owner. There are a lot of car care methods for showing your care of cars when it comes to bad smells and today i’ll start by giving you some top tips as the Top Gear series show could also do, but they don’t.

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funny acronyms for carsFor each brand you can think of a different car acronym and the automotive world doesn’t seem to mind. Well who would mind these funny¬†car acronyms that make you smile when you think about your car. Think about the people that¬†invented those car acronyms for each brand.. it seems that their care of cars has no limit in a funny auto way.

Here’s my personal favorite funny car acronyms list:

  • Acura – Asia’s Curse Upon Rural America (i can see lots of teenagers wannabe racing drivers that want one Acura as a birthday gift)
  • Audi – Accelerates Under Demonic Influence (one example of german auto that has a good car acronym which describes it perfectly)
  • Bmw – Bring More Women (bought by shallow image conscious stockbrokers. See i’ve got a funny car acronym for each brand :D)
  • Buick – Big Ugly Indestructible Cat Killer (american classic, don’t sue me for exaggerated care of cars)

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Tears For Fears – The Devil

I think that sometimes, your car can actually get in a specific mood and this is how you show your care of cars by using nice music while driving, music that lifts the spirit as this song does from Tears for Fears – The Devil.

Driving songs are a must have in the car for when you’re in the mood for:

  • songs that are full of energy
  • songs that are sad
  • simple songs
  • happy songs
  • rock songs
  • trance songs
  • house songs and etc.

Have a personality, show some car care and buy yourself some CD’s or use an usb connection for usb music that will hold those special driving songs.

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¬†car safety volkswagen styleVolkswagen is known by its care of cars and good customer service so now, the famous auto manufacturer made a Volkswagen commercial that’s not based on car care but instead being based on care of people and yes that’s a good strategy since people buy their cars and also some of them use the mirrors from the cars to put make up on.

That means it should be every auto manufacturer’s priority not only Volkswagen’s.. So, about the Volkswagen commercial, it’s nice to see that they care of people especially their customers and this could be even a motivational video for everyone but, this car safety video focuses only on women.

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Have you ever wondered about how someone like Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear can take care of cars by simply not having an accident? It’s sad how many people die each year, according to some car accident statistics from USA that show nearly 6.420.000 auto accidents in 2006.

So Jeremy Clarkson is giving us a Top Gear top tip on how to avoid a car accident in order to keep a car care instinct and of course to keep us alive.

Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear top tip is quite funny and it’s even proven by him in the following funny video but first of all let’s see that top tip on how to avoid a car accident according to Jeremy Clarkson :D.

how to avoid a car accident

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