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Wanna feel a little hardcore while driving your car? Well it’s time for you to get in the rhythm with some good car songs and that’s why today, I’ll show you a really good one from Chevelle, it’s called “Hats off to the bull”.

Be careful though with the throttle if there’s snow on the road ’cause even if you’re a good driver, a lot of bad things can happen; You must still keep that car care instinct and think every move you make while listening to this “thrilling” song.

Hi there auto world, I’m back with the funniest car article that’ll go viral! Most of us car owners have good car care instincts and some of us don’t, but the question is:

What to do when you don’t have money to repair your car? Usually you improvise and when you have a cheap car and not so much money to invest in it, well, the repair results must be seen in the funny auto category, the place where all the botched cars are!

Care of cars or not, these are the coolest cheap repairs and they really show how inventive a man with no money can be, even if it’s in a hilarious way!


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As always, VICE has made a great video documentary about illegal street racing but it has a catch: They filmed this interesting all about underground street racing video while being on two sides so you can also see the police’s point of view and their hard work which is focused on reducing nasty auto events like car crashes and etc.

These blokes seem the type of persons who do their own auto detailing, who know everything about the auto world and they are true auto enthusiasts but most of them don’t afford the acquisition cost of new fancy cars and instead, they buy a cheap car which will be tuned to the max regardless of fuel consumption, driveability and other factors so you’ll hear lots of turbo and blow off valve sounds coming from the car engines and you will see car neons, bright colours, custom made gauges and sometimes,  a car’s top speed live!

Go on, don’t be shy, just hit the play button and watch this awesome underground street racing documentary!

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The Top Gear series is a hot tv show about cars which had huge success becase a curly haired man with great british humour knew how to keep people interested with it although he usually forgot every single bit of car care thinking; Yes, I’m referring to Jeremy Clarkson!

In 2002 along came some guys who did know and gave a sh%^t about taking care of cars and they all created a group of auto enthusiasts who love cars and that’s how a great remake of the Top Gear series was born!

So, what am I blabbering about over here..? Well I just wanted to show you guys a funny photo with James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson’s evolution throughout the years and man oh man, they went through some funny hairstyles if I might say so myself, except The Stig, he’s the same as always but I don’t know why they didn’t put the Black Stig as well..


When they were kids they all had something to laugh at just like we see in our childhood photos, for example:

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Check your car with great car care for rust, its oil and fuel level, its roaring engine, the tire pressure at each wheel and if the car battery has enough juice; After you’ve checked all of these (the rust is for you to know when to panic :D) you can get inside of it and not in the sexual way of course.

Power up your beast of a car for which you manifest that great care of cars of yours and hit the play button for AC/DC’s “Touch too much” song which is probably one of the best car songs, among others of course!

Now you can hit the road man.. drive like a free dude who hasn’t got any worries in the world. Rock is just awesome for when you want to escape the daily routines.. It’s sad though that our today’s rock legend, Bon Scott, had to die in 1980.

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The Top Gear series has been around for a while now and Jeremy Clarkson always knew, in his funny british way, how to demonstrate, how to explain and how to answer to certain questions about cars even if he’s not that into car care!

Today, somebody asked me about the benefits of having a 4X4 car if you’re a town guy and immediately I’ve remembered Jeeza doing this great episode once and I’ve also found it on youtube.

Sure, having a big and comfy giant sofa to drive around town is nice and it’s a great testosterone booster but it also has its own downsides which can stop you from buying it, like:

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As you all know, there has always been a quarrel between these two auto manufacturers, Mercedes & Jaguar and that’s why, after Mercedes Benz made that interesting ad which demonstrates some particular car specs with the help of chickens, Jaguar had to make fun of them with their own kind of car ad!

They both put car care in the priorities list but they still have the time to tease each other for the public’s delight :D.

Do you remember the chicken commercial from Mercedes? Well Jaguar did a remake but it mocks every aspect of Mercedes and you really must watch these funny auto tease videos:

Here’s Mercedes’s original magic body control chicken ad which demonstrates their great care of cars:

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The Fast and Furious series had a special staff which was designated to choose the cars that were perfect for the movies and sometimes, in an excessive care of cars they even rejected cars that were already assembled and tuned. The billion dollar movie franchise has a lot of car projects that didn’t appear into the movie series and that’s what this youtube video is all about.. Check it out!

In this awesome car racing movie series you could see most of the classic american autos like muscle cars or other iconic american cars and also imported cars (especially japanese ones) which had extraordinary car specs; Every car from the series had NOS and the public loved it when it was used in a thrilling car chase even if most of the time, a lot of them would get involved in some kind of a spectacular car crash.

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Let’s relax today, just chill without having to think about care of cars or any other car care related things. Hop inside your car and take it out for a spin while listening to cool driving songs like this one from The Neighbourhood that’s called “Afraid”.

When was the last time you stopped giving a f$%ck and just went with your car in that special place of yours? Yeah, everybody has a special place where they relax.. meditate.

If you want to, you can transform this song into a way of detaching yourself from anything just like the singer says:

It hurts but I won’t fight you
You suck anyway

Hey there auto world, today’s rich car owner has a different way of showing his car care instincts and he disguised his Lamborghini Aventador in an Aventadeer or Reindeer Lambo just like those guys who own pets and dress them all up :D.

It’s kind of late but even if Thanksgiving and Christmas were already celebrated, this funny auto video still does a great job in cheering me up. Don’t know what the auto manufacturers from Lamborghini think about it but some people do like the idea of a Aventadeer tune up.

The fun part of this video is that it also has to prove something! This modified Lamborghini Aventador with its car engine which produces 700 horsepower, cooks up a turkey with its exhaust flames, yup you’re about to see a funny video with a Lamborghini that cooks a Thanksgiving turkey!


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