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There are a number of important factors that you need to consider when you want to find the perfect 4WD vehicle that is suitable for your off road adventure. To help you find the best off road car for your all-weather and all-terrain adventure, here are some important considerations that you should bear in mind you car care guy.

The off road car makers have a lot of tuning companies which know how to prepare the coolest all-terrain vehicle but sometimes you must know some different factors that you should consider if you want to avoid an off road disaster so that’s why the power of your car engine, terrain position, weather and other details are important:

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If you’re interested in the police cars from Dubai’s highways or better known as Dubai’s highway patrol, you’ll be amazed to see some of the hottest exotic supercars!

The auto manufacturers from different car companies sometimes make a whole lot of money out of police prepped cars just like these exotic police supercars from Dubai; If you put a walkie talkie, a gun holder and a computer, you can sell a $120.000 car with an acquisition cost that’s 40 grand more or even higher.

But the auto world must know that such police supercars are hard to maintain in good shape because of the constant car racing events which take place in isolated areas of Dubai. Care of cars is the most important factor which keeps an expensive police supercar up and running and car care measures are pretty  costly but who cares, Dubai is filled with cash!

The police tries to make a publicity campaign and their main plan is to discourage the illegal street racers who enjoy the adrenaline rush and I wish them the best of luck but I’m pretty sure that those who are into car racing also love the thought of being chased by the police!

The car specs for these fast police cars are more than enough for a good car chase and as you can see from the youtube videos, they’re cool cars like:

If you’re in the mood for a great laugh then you’re in the right spot ’cause today I’ll show you a funny auto way to advertise in a somewhat car joke, a second hand car which withstood the test of time, a 1996 Nissan Maxima GLE Sport Sedan.

So this 1996 Nissan Maxima appeared in a Craigslist car ad but it was different and special because the car owner had a great sense of humor and he made a car commercial like video to sell it!

This funny video for that Nissan rust bucket had a positive effect in this controversial auto world, the youtube video gaining almost 1.5 million views; How’s that for action and reaction with the help of some simple care of cars?

The 1996 Nissan Maxima was in a truly awful shape and even the best auto detailing couldn’t help it a lot but you know what?? After this car commercial which had a huge success on Craigslist, the actual Nissan car company bought it from the owner and the acquisition cost or price tag was 1.400 dollars but if you took this Nissan Maxima to a car shop all the repair bills would’ve been double the car’s price, anyway this is some kind of good customer service if Nissan buys back its old cars :D.

Here is the actual 1996 Nissan Maxima car ad parody:

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Care of cars, car care and auto detailing can hold on, now it’s time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve! Of course that I’m gonna take a break from writing and you can go out and drink a lot of alcohol but CareOfCars.com’s top tip is:

Don’t drink and drive! You’d better take a cab or else you’ll risk a damaged car / body :D!

Now here’s another good tune which deserves to be in the car songs collection; It will energize you on that long trip to your parents’ house and it’s cool to just start eating, drinking and having a great time right after you arrive.

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Today I have a treat for the auto world, something that’ll make them drool over the pc’s screen; The late Paul Walker was a man with great car care instincts and when a guy loves cars and also has the necessary means to afford the acquisition costs, then he’s gonna fill up his garage with everything that money can buy!

That whole car collection from Paul Walker’s garage must need its own car wash to keep them dust proof and all of those awesome v8 engines nice and shiny :P; I’m really curious what will happen now with all of those luxury cars, muscle cars, sports cars and supercars, they’re just sitting there, waiting to be driven by true auto enthusiasts who don’t have a limit when it comes to fuel consumption and free time…

While looking at this youtube video with a short presentation with Paul Walker’s best cars which money can buy, you’ll see models like:

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I’ve recently saw the movie Don Jon and I must say that I didn’t expect that full turn around for Jon’s life. From the start of the movie he represented the perfect bachelor, the guy with his own apartament, the car owner of an awesome muscle car and a family type of person.

Don Jon has a lot of psychopathic characteristics and he isn’t the bad kind of psychopath; He has a distinct set of personality characteristics which include things like ruthlessness (from his driving manner with that 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS), mental toughness, charm and persuasiveness which help him get the ladies, a lack of empathy and of course an obsessive way of showing his car care, house cleaning, in general for anything which he owns and can clean. These features can help you become the alpha male with a badass muscle car who everyone wants to have as their friend!


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Walter White’s cars weren’t expensive or beautiful and you could see that from the beginning of the Breaking Bad series when the mighty Heisenberg, back then a humble chemistry teacher, was driving a Pontiac Aztek which I must add, was a hideous car but still, he had great car care instincts and always repaired it.

Now, in these past seasons, Heisenberg started driving hot cars forgetting about care of cars because:

  1. Walter White was beginning to show his real greedy face and mischevious thinking, typical for a meth mastermind!
  2. Breaking Bad became a hit tv show which had endless possibilities of making money and thus great publicity offers from huge companies started “shooting it down” such as Chrysler with their brand new 2013 Chrysler 300 SRT-8!

The targeted audience for the 2013 Chrysler 300 SRT-8 from Breaking Bad, yeah it’s a car commercial, are those rich kids who want to look badass just like Heisenberg did when he first drove it on his parking space along with his son’s new Dodge Challenger!

The best off road car from Mercedes, the Mercedes G class went into production in 1979 and it still has its faithful clients, rugged men with some cash in their pockets, people who love the way Mercedes invested a lot of car care into their luxury SUVs.

The car specs on the Mercedes G class are constantly updated and it can make it through harsh and rough off road surfaces but this time, even with a G Class, a steep hill turned the king of the hill into a beaten up piece of metal; The Mercedes G class got into a car crash or car accident which damaged it pretty bad and you can see it live in this off road fail video where it went through a couple of rollovers!

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