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I’m pretty tired from today’s work and now I’m gonna write a short article which isn’t about car care or care of cars, it’s a simple youtube video with one of the good adrenaline pumping driving songs for you in order to refresh that old track list. The song is from Papa Roach and it’s called “Between angels and insects”.

If I wasn’t so tired I would’ve gone to a short relaxing drive to test it!

If you listen to it carefully you’ll get the sensation that he’s singing about cars and it can be true because the lyrics are about possessions, money and obsession:


If you’re thinking: “i have to have a Ferrari” just like Jeremy Clarkson did, then you’re in the right spot, the place where you’ll see how to buy a Ferrari and what it involves when doing it including a midlife crisis for those who will also be obsessed with car care after buying it.

Of course that Jeremy makes fun of Ferrari with their “good customer service” and the fact that you have little to none customizable options on a new Ferrari for that high acquisition cost or price tag.

What you’ll see in this next youtube video is a hilarious reconstruction of a man who’s going through a midlife crisis and decides that he’s got to have a new Ferrari, the man’s role being portrayed by Jeremy Clarkson, a dude who’s not that into care of cars and loves doing donuts! 😀


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Some guys from the auto world aren’t so impressed with BMW’s new ConnectedDrive options but when you try to do some of the things yourself, it can get quite tricky and that’s why BMW made this funny demo on how to use ConnectedDrive whenever you need some help.

Some drivers who found themselves in that parking lot with the “big screen” wall projector have seen what’s the whole fuss about the new BMW technology which showed them some live ConnectedDrive options, which they controlled with car honks, like:


Hi there auto world, today I’m going to give you some top tips that’ll help you drive your car more than ever if fuel consumption was a key factor which determined your car’s usage!

A car engine is not that complicated, the more throttle you use and the heavier the car is, the more fuel you waste and that’s why you should try these easy 9 top tips to reduce the fuel costs and increase the car’s fuel mileage; Fuel economy is today’s car care topic, more like wallet care but anyway 🙂

Cheap cars or not, every one of them eats a lot of petrol and thus, the car owner’s money! Don’t throw away the hard earned cash!

9 great ways to lower fuel consumption:

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Here’s one of the manly driving songs for those who want some refreshing rock and roll music for their cars. Clutch, but not that type of clutch :D, has great driving music for those badass bearded guys who own big trucks and you can feel that from his great rock and roll voice! Enjoy The Regulator!

I wanna say that simplicity is the key and raw things can be the best ones just like this kind of car songs; I wonder if you get this kind of music in GTA V while driving those stolen cars 🙂

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Let me see you guys try to beat that uphill four wheel drive track!

Land Rover builds great off roaders with quite astonishing car care for a while now (not the old models) and if you give a Defender a good aftermarket suspension, off road tires and a snorkel, you have an almost perfect off road car (this is how you show your care of cars)!

Check out this youtube video with this man made off road track at a 45° angle and a Land Rover Defender climbing it, do you think that a Bmw X5, Volkswagen Touareg, Toyota Landcruiser or Volvo XC90 can climb it and make it to the top this easy? I really doubt that!

The funny auto part of this video is the guy who sits and installs a grill under the ramp which is climbed by that awesome Land Rover Defender, no worries at all!

Everybody likes outstanding supercars and this time Mercedes Benz created one exclusively for that play station game.. Gran Turismo 6!

When it comes to car design, this new Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo or GT which will appear in the PS3 Gran Turismo 6 game (yeah, it will never go into production) has elements from different auto manufacturers like its aggressive 2013 Audi style headlights, Aston Martin front grill (or for other minds a 300 SL front grill), stretched out Porsche 911 feel on the side view and a back which gets design elements from Lamborghini Veneno and Mclaren P1 with LED all around (including LED inserted into the front grill like Kitt from Knight Rider), bulging fenders and of course, some Gullwing doors.

Sometimes people take care of cars not too seriously but the other way around and that’s not a real bad thing because we, the audience can get a lot of laughs out of these car care jokes like the one which these teenage pranksters perform with their small and old Nissan Micra making it sound like a sports car or even a supercar with the cheapest racing exhaust you can think of!

Every funny teenager from the auto world tries to make his car sound better, be faster and look prettier but these russian teens really know how to make people laugh on the street with their car joke ’cause they’ve managed to create the perfect sports car sound with only a piece of rubber from a cut hose; Yeah this really is the cheapest exhaust muffler ever created 😀

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Today we’ll see two powerful sedans which will blow the auto world’s mind in a head to head youtube video, the 2014 BMW M5 and 2014 Mercedes E63 AMG S! These are cars which are made with great car care in mind, attention to every small detail and as a result, they’re 600 horsepower marvels of german engineering!

Yeah, the two sports cars which resemble more to supercars with their ultimate driving experience and a lot more horsepower than a Ferrari have the title of UBERHOLT PRESTIGE in german which means a car which deserves to pass you on the Autobahn! Take this for care of cars, they even invented a term for their awesomeness 😀

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Hey there auto world, I watched a good movie these last days, it was called “End Of Watch” and man oh man it was a good one! Besides the car chasing scenes and shooting around, it showed that friendship and camaraderie between two police partners and in that same movie i’ve found one of the best driving songs from when drove their patrol car, it sounded something like: “Your government’s a gangster, so cut the crap, a war goin on so where y’all at? Fight the Power”; That awesome song is called “Public Enemy – Harder than you think”.

Forget about care of cars and other car care things and just use the car songs which I give you while doing your own low speed neighbourhood patrol like those cops from the movie :).


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