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Everybody likes a luxury car and BMW has a wide variety of fine autos on the market for the auto world; Besides that, BMW’s technology department has implemented something new to these modern BMWs called ConnectedDrive.

As you can see from this BMW car commercial which brings a lot of smiles on people’s faces and some disappointment for youngsters, you can now remote control your car and destroy your daughter’s kiss for her fresh date 😀

Don’t imagine that this will be a cheap option on your future car, it will add thousands of dollars to the acquisition cost or price tag of a new BMW; But this remote controlling option is pretty practical and you get a fine and funny demo from that car commercial which promotes the new Bmw technology.

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If you really want to, you can drive your car to another world by listening to this driving song which acts like a portal to another dimension or in our case, another world! The Chemical Brothers have great talent in binding all those calming and also thrilling tunes which make your goose bumps appear in no time.

As usual, good car songs can improve your way of being, your traffic manners and your mood. Wouldn’t you treat your car with great car care with this song playing in the backround? Shifting the gears gently, pushing the throttle with passion and kindness, just enjoying the road …

Please remember that care of cars is directly connected to your mood, that’s why you have to be relieved from all the daily stress; Music changes everything uhhh I mean good driving music! 😀

Here we have Another World from The Chemical Brothers:

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Sometimes, guys want to impress girls with their grown up toys, yeah cars and motorcycles. This time, it seems that the guy who owned a bike, wanted to do more than drive around town with the girl on the back seat of the motorcycle and that’s why he decided to let her take a ride by herself and something awful but also hilarious (for us) happened!

This is the reason why those who are a little obsessed with car care and everything which is related to care of cars don’t borrow their possessions to others! 😀

In this funny video from youtube you can see in real time, a girl who crashes a bike and also does some air acrobatics while at it!

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The auto world is interested in everything which has wheels and an engine and that’s why today I’m writing about the funny and also risky truck commercial from Volvo which was shot in the Gothenburg port from Sweden ; As the president of the Volvo trucks branch Claes Nilsson says:

When you want to make a youtube hit, you need the hook at the beginning of the video and here it is! This is a hook from the new Volvo FMX, made from cast iron and it holds up to 32 tons! You don’t need to worry about anything, the new Volvo FMX is the most robust truck which Volvo has ever built!

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Every car owner of a Land Rover Defender will be sad to hear that this awesome off road car will be discontinued in 2 years.. yeah auto world, there won’t be anymore Land Rover Defenders out there or will they?!!

The old Land Rover Defender legacy which started in the 1940’s will be replaced with a new and awesome all wheel drive off roader which will blow everybody’s mind! The main reason for discontinuing the classic Land Rover Defender is that it became an unsafe car by European standards and car safety is a must these days. Anyway, for those who really love the bold Land Rover Defender, here is a small photo gallery with an A. Kahn Defender from the A. Kahn Design center.


So as usual I’ve came across some great auto news for the auto world especially for those who love every Lamborghini which has ever made! Today you’ll be happy to hear that Lamborghini is building 9 units of their newest model, the VENENO!

This new Lamborghini, the Veneno, is made with special care of cars because it has to be the best car ever created by the auto industry so the auto manufacturers spend huge amounts of labour hours just to make it be the ultimate driving experience. You can agree with me after you see these car photos and video with the Veneno revving its horses! 😀

Looking at the Lamborghini Veneno, you get the feeling that this is not a car, but a beast of a supercar, the best looking and also most aggressive car ever to be built! Let’s see some car specs for the new Veneno:

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Hey there auto world, if you want to see a funny experiment made with the help of an opportunist woman then you’ve hit the right spot even if you came here for some car care stuff.

Women love expensive cars and a lot of women are gold diggers! That’s what Vitalyzd is trying to demonstrate in this car related video with him approaching a girl without the help of a Lamborghini Gallardo (of course that he will use one in the video)! Hey ladies, don’t be mad at me, this is only proof of how hot chicks usually love thick wallets with lots of cash or exotic/ luxurious/ sports cars!

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RED FANG – “Hank Is Dead” (Official Music Video), check out one of the coolest driving songs for those who listen to rock&roll music! This car song is truly awesome and it has a funny video which starts with a fat guy who showers and suddenly finds himself surrounded by two band members from Red Fang, all naked! Kind of awkward isn’t it?

These guys from Red Fang really know how to put up a show and make you feel nice and cool especially if you’re into rock music so get a high performance cd player, some quality speakers and enjoy your new ride comfort created with the help of your car care measures.

Hey there friends from the auto world, as you all know, the auto industry has reached that point where they can build electric cars but they still want to juice out all of the petrol; Some guys from a private auto segment are into modifying these obsolete vehicles and making them green and fast! This is why you’ll get to see a fast electric racing car made out of an old Bmw E36 which is also a green car that loves to keep a clean environment.

These dudes from the EV West auto company didn’t want to make your normal Toyota Prius electric car but they wanted a pure bred electric race car and that’s how they managed to turn this Bmw E36 from a cheap car to an awesome electric concept car which will surely blow your mind with its car specs, this really is proof that everybody can have their own electric cars made with great care of cars!!

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The Humvee is made for those who put their lives first instead of car care because usually, you’ll see the Hummer H1 or HMMWV M1116 fighting America’s wars. But don’t worry, this hardcore all wheel drive monster of a car is built with great care of cars in order to prove its off roading capabilities!!

Today, with Motor Trend’s help, you’ll see a nice contest between two military vehicles which try to demonstrate that the US army can have fast armored off roaders that can go anywhere and climb everything so let’s see this awesome shootout!

I’m pretty sure that you didn’t know about Lamborghini’s attempt to sign a contract with the US military in 1975. That’s when they created the Lamborghini Cheetah and since the US government didn’t bite, they went ahead with producing the coolest SUV with a Countach V12 car engine.

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