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Hey there auto world, I personally know that a lot of you love off road cars and when it comes to off road concept cars, you’re in the right place because today, I’ll talk a little about an awesome german auto Mercedes concept, the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6X6 off road special vehicle.

Offroad vehicles like this G63 AMG 6X6 do a great job when you’re on a rough terrain with lots of bumps and muddy roads, just think of the Mercedes Benz 6X6 concept’s car specs:

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Lambo sliced in half

Lambo sliced in half in Brooklyn New York

Great news! You get the chance to see some fresh car photos of a Lamborghini Aventador but this article comes with a twist!

That white Lamborghini Aventador which you’re about to see, is a totaled car which comes in 3 pieces, the rear part of the car, front part and a 6.5 litre v12 engine sitting in the middle of the street :D.

I really get the feeling that the guy who owned this Lamborghini Aventador wanted some car racing action on the streets of Brooklyn, New York City and that resulted into a monumental high speed car crash which transformed his Lambo into 2 Lambos, yeah it got ripped in half!

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shocking news for mercedes loversWhen someone asks you about the best cars and auto manufacturers in the world, what’s your first opinion? Don’t you automatically think that german cars are the best? Well, during an interview, some germans saw that they were living a lie and that they had a false opinion about the german autos.

Yeah, the guy who conducted this interview was also a german and he could not believe those shocking news about the best car award at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

In this youtube video, when the reporter asked some random people on the street (german countrymen) about who makes the best cars and/or engines in the world, they gave various answers like these:

  • Who makes the best engines in the world? Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche!
  • Best car makers worldwide? We germans.
  • German quality manufacturing
  • German cars are the best
  • The best engine.. but it is a german car, right?
  • A german brand
  • Nothing beats german quality

Ohhh but they were so wrong! After seeing these results when asking about the best car engine for 2013, the reporter was ashamed to surprise everybody with shocking news!

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strange addictions and fetishesIf you want so see a shocking video go no further, you’ve reached the right spot. I’m constantly talking about care of cars and it seems that some particular car owners display an exaggerated car care which goes beyond a healthy behaviour.

Today’s article is about a guy who, believe me or not, makes love with his car, in the literal way, yeah he is having sex with his car!

The sadest part of it all is that this cheap car is a simple but red Chevrolet Lumina from the second generation ( it has rounder headlights which makes it look more voluptuous and with more appealing curves :)).

C’mmon man how could you dare telling your father such a thing, especially on TV, I mean the auto world is shocked to hear that you have sex with a car, I pitty his father; In the past, if you’d do such a thing to your father, you would’ve ended up in a hospital with a broken jaw!

When his father asked him out of curiosity about the way in which he has sex with that Chevrolet, he answered:

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interior cleaning and auto detailingThe auto industry has a lot of branches and one of them is auto detailing. When it comes to car cleaning, your car, even if it’s a cheap car or luxury car, will always need that precious car care if you want it to look like back in the day when you bought it!

So, now with the help of a charismatic dude from this youtube video, you can see how to approach cleaning on the inside of your car especially if it’s a Honda Accord (the demonstration is made on one).

After a few years, the car interior gets tons of dirt, shoe prints and other stuff which are hard to get out but not while this guy has something to say about interior detailing!


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video inside the porsche factoryHi there auto world, let’s get inside the Porsche factory and see how a 2014 Porsche 911 Carrera is build. Looking at this youtube video with the assembly of the new Porsche 911 Carrera, you’ll see how evolved the auto industry has gotten.

These handy auto manufacturers do a great job when building the 2014 Porsche 911 Carrera, just take a look at the video and see for yourself ; They start by adding those Porsche emblems as in the car emblems and going on to more complex stuff like the 3.8 litre v6 car engine which produces 400 horsepower, other engine parts, transmission and etc.

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The Butthole Surfers – Pepper

Sometimes, good car songs can maintain a high quality image for your car and this can be one way of showing your care of cars you know :D; That’s why, today I’m publishing this article with one of the good driving songs, not like those songs which just a few people like.

The Butthole Surfers do have talent and when you’re having car songs like this one, everything is much more cooler; You won’t be annoyed by all those jackasses who don’t know how to drive and you’ll hold your temper in those long lasting traffic jams too :D.

Ohhh and listen to the song’s lyrics, they’re car related, to be more precise they’re about car crashes, traffic arguing and fist fights :D!

Some people usually tend to exaggerate their car care instinct in traffic and The Butthole Surfers can make songs from everything which surrounds them, just take a look at these lyrics:

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building a stingrayEverybody loved the classic Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and this muscle car / sports car is a beauty!

Now, with the passing of the years, the auto manufacturers from Chevrolet thought that it will be a good thing to reinvent their Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and they did with the 2014 model!

Check out this youtube video animation which shows you every single part which, when assembled, creates the whole new 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray:

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