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see the priceless look on their faceHi there auto world! Are you guys in a good mood like i am? It’s time for some funny videos with kids, grandparents and parents; What kind of videos? Well, with their funny reaction to high speed!!

You’ll get to see cars from different auto manufacturers, a Porsche, 2 Subaru Impreza Wrx, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 and a Bmw M5 e39 from 2000! You must know that these aren’t ordinary cars, they’re sports cars with car racing pedigree and if the car specs don’t tend to impress you, then you should take a look at these hilarious videos with grandma’s reaction, mom’s reaction and a kid’s reaction when they get the ride of their lives! (btw that’s not my mom, grandma or boy :D).

So you get to see good japanese and german autos that change the definition of a thrilling and adrenaline pumping experience! You can see that on the grandparents / parents’ faces!

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test driver died on autobahnYou know that once in a while sad events do happen and that’s the case for today’s news from the auto world. The auto manufacturers always have test drivers and being one is fun but in other cases it can even kill you so that’s why, being a test driver goes in the dangerous jobs section; There are lots of risks involved!

So, as others, BMW or Bavarian Motor Works, when it produces a new let’s say Bmw 3 series, needs to test its Bmw prototype to estimate the average fuel consumption, top speed and much more, but for that, Bmw has a test driver!

While testing the new Bmw 3 series prototype on Autobahn, a 45 year old test driver died near Bmw’s Dingolfing plant!

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Do you think that famous rappers like Jay-z care about the fuel consumption of a car? Well no, and that’s why today i’ll show you a youtube video with one of Jay-Z’s driving songs, Lost One ft. Chrisette Michele, where you can also see a masked car commercial with a Maybach Exelero :D.

As i’ve said, famous rappers buy outstanding cars and this is also the case for Jay-Z who has a cool collection of supercars, muscle cars, sports cars or luxury cars. So yes, you all need some good car songs which you can listen to when driving and this Jay-Z – Lost One ft Chrisette Michele song is a good choice.

If you check out the video for Lost One you’ll see Jay-Z driving a 700 horsepower Maybach Exelero which has an acquisition cost of 8 million dollars; Yeah, the price tag is huge but the Maybach Exelero’s top speed is clocked at 200 mph or 320 kmh!

When it comes to care of cars, this luxurious Maybach is quite expensive to own, you can go bankrupt with it!

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boat launch fails can be avoidedAnything can affect your car’s handling, look, fuel consumption etc. and when it comes to taking your boat or jet ski to the sea, lake or whatever, car care thinking is appreciated. Why is that? Well, because you’ll be lowering your boat on a boat ramp with your car and if you’re not careful, well you might end up like the guys from the funny auto boat launch videos; With a sinking car, yep your car taking a swim!

Because i’m such a good guy, later on in the article, i’ll also show you how to boat launch but without any events that could ruin your holiday or fishing trip.

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matte black acura integra with gold rimsRemember the old Acura Integra from Need For Speed Underground? It had great car specs and our today’s funny video with a classic car fail involves one matte black with gold rims Acura Integra that gets bashed by its car owner 😀 .

It seems that the driver knows a thing or two when it comes to care of cars because he probably did an engine check up or an oil change, but he didn’t expect for this funny auto thing to happen.

What happened to him was a different type of car crash, more of a fail with the third generation Acura Integra (american auto) or Honda Integra that was produced between 1993 and 2001. So don’t you want to laugh a little at this funny youtube video?

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dubai cars are abandoned cars It seems that for some people from Dubai, to abandon cars isn’t something new and you can see that from the next youtube video! The richer they get, the more they forget about their care of cars and all those beautiful and expensive cars: supercars, muscle cars, sports cars, executive cars and others, end up forgotten in a parking lot, backyard or barn.

I really don’t know what’s going on inside the car owner’s head to just abandon his car like that, it’s sad because some people just dream of cars like in this video; They will never afford to buy those iconic cars so that’s why, these abandoned cars should be given as gifts to those who are true car enthusiasts.

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quarter mile test with the 2013 audi s8With quite a big acquisition cost for the 2013 Audi S8, your average Joe won’t afford it; An Audi S8 price goes around 110,895 dollars, a base model! Nevertheless, the auto world is intrigued by this fast luxury sedan made with the finest german engineering techniques; What the hell, an Audi S8 weighs 2.5 tons and it can still beat a Chevrolet Corvette Z06!

That’s why i think of the Audi S8 as a true german auto example! First you’ll watch a youtube video with the 2013 Audi S8 on more than a simple test drive and after that, you can read the car specs and other car details that will caress you car care personality :D.

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chevrolet sparkSome people from the auto world want to prepare for the end of the world, zombie wars or any other strange happenings so that’s why, my today’s article is all about the 2012 SEMA small Chevrolet Spark, an urban assault vehicle which doesn’t need any car care attention.

Yes, it’s a cheap car with tuning elements and some survival gear (not too much):

  • Extended bullbar that surrounds the car on the front, side and back of it as you can see from the photo gallery. It helps the Chevrolet Spark when it gets into small car crashes, when it hits surprise obstacles along the way or when you just feel the need to road kill a zombie :D.

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It seems that Tom Hardy did a great job when it came to play the role of Bane in Batman – The Dark Knight Rises, because now, you get the chance to see funny Bane memes that command people even when they’re just drawings on cars :D; I just wish they have drawn a funny Batman too..

Another car owner had been surprised with his very own finger drawing made by drawing artists with awesome drawing skills who hate the simple wash me writing on a dirty car. That expressive drawing with Bane’s face and mask can amuse anyone who went to the cinema when Batman – The Dark Knight Rises aired.

funny photo

The Bane meme says something like this:

When the car has been washed, you have my permission to DRIVE!

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