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jeep wrangler unlimited third row seatingHey there auto world, i have some great auto news for you! If you loved the old Jeep Wrangler, then i think you’ll love the new Jeep Wrangler JK six pak concept car which basically is a long wheelbase version of the old Jeep Wrangler as you can see from the car pictures. Yes, the term of “six pak” comes from the number of seats that are inside of the new car 😀 .

The auto manufacturers from Jeep thought that they could build another american auto which can compete with the almighty and huge Hummer which gives you a lot of space and they made a small stretch car which looks pretty cool so, those who love manly cars should pray for it to get on the assembly line! Thankfully, we got a chance to see one of the prototype cars at that Detroit gas station.

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2013Aldo Schurmann is a future car designer who loves cars and he’s a pure talent when it comes to car sketching or car designing. His newest concept car, the Audi Rs Roadster, should grab Audi’s attention because it looks extraordinary and it keeps that interesting aggressive look which makes it appealing to the auto world and usually that’s the perfect recipe for a sexy car.

I don’t know if it’s a drawback or not, but when looking at the car photos with the new Audi concept from Aldo, you’ll only see a Bmw Z4 facelift but still, it has Audi car details which, all together, have the power to make it a better sports car than the Audi TT model. I don’t have problems like a lack of imagination and that’s a good thing because i can describe this concept car for those who are wondering about its resemblance to other cars.

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Hello there auto world, it seems that everybody just loves to show their car care results these days. ZZ Top really had good driving songs but this new “I Gotsta Get Paid” one is rockin’ and the music video has 4 awesome rat rods and 3 sexy girls!

Each girl from the youtube video, had her own rat rod and their mission was to try and catch ZZ Top in a car chase that was filmed in the desert. The bad thing for those sexy girls was the fact that ZZ Top also had his own rat rod and in the end, the girls from the I gotsta get paid song, only managed to get a hold of ZZ top’s key chain!

Maltese crosses, skull shift knobs, rough finishes and chopped roofs, that’s the way people love their rat rods and those details are related to care of cars in a way or another.

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2013 Ford police interceptorIf you want to find out more about the new Ford Taurus police interceptor sedan, then you’re in the right spot! The new police car is built by one of the oldest auto manufacturers out there, Ford, and it has been made with great car care in mind and everything about it can make the auto world wish they’d own one!

Its price will go near the 30.000$ price tag but this is quite a good acquisition cost for a police interceptor and our today’s blonde Jessi Lang from Motor Trend, tests it with everything she can think of in this awesome youtube video so care of cars is not her strong point! You can expect to see the 2013 Ford police interceptor being driven:

  • with high speed and it will ocasionally break the speed limit
  • on an urban landscape that mimics school zones, public roads and lots of city driving situations which a police officer may encounter when he’s in a car chase
  • over a train track faster than the recommended speed
  • on a whoop section for some roller coaster fun with the new suspension tuning 😀
  • on a skidpad with “black ice”

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digital corvetteThat Chevrolet Corvette key does wonders and it opens a new mystical world filled with huge amounts of horsepower but wait a second, you don’t even have a key ignition on your Chevrolet or any key holes because you own a digital Corvette! Oh, i’ve just remembered that at the end of this first youtube video, the car owner of a red Chevrolet Corvette showed us the trick with the car key! Do you know what’s the intended use for your Chevrolet’s car key?

Well, at a first look, it seems that the car key for a Corvette could be used only to lock and unlock a glove box but i really doubt the fact that the auto manufacturers from General Motors could’ve been so narrow minded and i’m right, they showed great car care and practicality!

So what’s the point of having a key for a digital car that opens and starts at the push of a few buttons?

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Imagine yourself in front of the Tv set watching the Top Gear series. All of a sudden Jeremy Clarkson starts to show people random cars and then, the wild virgin car appears! It’s a funny car, a 1990 Toyota Camry which will attract the public’s attention because this is also, the forever alone car!

Yes this is a sad car because it has the “I’m sad” custom license plate and yes, in this funny photo you will also see one of the most known 9gag memes, the forever alone meme!

funny custom license plate on toyota camry

Nobody wants such a sad car but some people who are forever alone, do seem to bond with the 1990 Toyota Camry. Those who will drive such a sad car should buy themselves some meme stickers just like the one used for this funny car with funny custom license plate which says “I’m sad” :D.

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video commercial with real carsWho needs car care when you can get involved in a car crash and just fix it up with one click in the virtual car shop? Yeah, care of cars is out of the question with one of the newest police chase games for the auto world, Need For Speed Most Wanted! Today’s article resembles with a car commercial but it isn’t! This is just one of the best video game ads ever to be made because it has real cars in it!

It’s also one hell of a marketing scheme for the auto industry because their cars will get publicity from the video game commercial and the auto manufacturers will even get a part of the Need For Speed Most Wanted profits so everyone will be happy!

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phantom grillWho wouldn’t want a classic american auto like this 69 Camaro which was built with passion and great car care for the auto world. People who love a well built muscle car will surely love this different Chevrolet Camaro from 1969. Why am i saying that this muscle car is different from other 69 Camaros?

Well as you can see from the youtube video, that beautiful engine sound comes from an unusual Chevrolet Camaro which has a modern body kit and a car engine which produces over 500 hp, wtf it’s a supercharged v8!

This muscle car can proudly say (if it could talk something besides that awesome engine sound) that it received the best treatment when it comes to care of cars and it spent a lot of time in the car shop where, the 69 Camaro with 500 hp also received:

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cheap cars from the competitionSince Dacia is a huge success with its cheap cars such as the Logan, Sandero or Duster, the german auto manufacturer Volkswagen, decided to declare war to Dacia by producing their own cheap models at awesome small prices that’ll be between 5000 and 8000 euros. The fact that Dacia sold lots of its cars in Germany bothered Volkswagen because it affected their sales.

With the global economic crisis, people can’t afford a very expensive car but they still need one that can do its job: To take them safely, from point A to point B even if it’s not a supercar!

So, if people still need cars but cheap ones, it’s good that the auto manufacturers are trying to produce low cost cars with low fuel consumption and low prices when it comes to car maintenance.

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Hi auto world, my today’s article about driving songs has one special car song and it’s called “Aston Martin music”. Yes, this youtube video’ll show you a lot of Aston Martins and you’ll also see our favorite rappers, Drake, Rick Ross ohh and Chrisette Michele.

As always, Aston Martin has a good marketing scheme just like with the James Bond movies and you really have to believe me when i’m saying that our famous rappers got these Aston Martins for free because they signed an agreement when making this music video for “Aston Martin music”.

Our famous car manufacturers from Aston Martin used in the marketing scheme, one interesting idea:

When Rick Ross was young, his neighbour came home with one awesome car and it was a V8 Vantage Volante from 1977. That’s when Rick Ross decided that his future cars will be all Aston Martins.

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