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Office pranks are so interesting because all the guys who work at the office can put their mind together and make one hell of a prank, just like this car prank from today’s article. They knew him as a person who takes care of cars too seriously and they decided to mess around with one of his toy cars from the desk and the result was a funny photo for the auto world!

Have you ever seen cars resting on layers of bricks without their wheels?

Well, office pranks can bend the fact that you need a real car because you’ve got limited space at work :D.

This car photo with the Bmw Z3 which is also a funny photo, reminds you of those bad neighbourhoods out there, where people steal everything they can, just to make a couple of bucks!

office pranks with a toy car

Still, there’s a great level of detail on this Bmw Z3 toy car which was one of those things used for awesome office pranks. If you’ll look at this funny photo, under the hood, even the car engine looks like the one from the real german auto model.

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Today is the day when you shouldn’t think about that nasty fuel consumption and just drive your car in a car care manner while listening to nice driving songs like this one which was a perfect match for the movie Drive.

Well, the movie Drive was indeed a movie with muscle cars and it showed the main character, the driver (because he had no name), driving his car in the night and just relaxing on some great car songs; Still, even if it is a car chase movie with car crashes, the movie Drive had a special sexual tension and romance between the driver and his neighbour..

That’s why i thought of publishing this all about driving songs article with an awkward but romantic song, “In fact it was you”.

Ryan Gosling was a perfect choice for the driver’s role and, in the movie, he was a mysterious Hollywood stuntman, getaway driver in his spare time and he wanted to get into the car racing business too.

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new tires from goodyear to prevent tire wearHey automotive world, today i have some good auto news for you because Goodyear announced that the new self inflating tires will go on sale!!! Goodyear is all about tires, and those car tires are made because car care is needed everywhere, starting with the headlights and ending with the exhaust pipe.

The auto industry always has to improve itself to show better car care techniques and it has to think of better ways to improve the driver’s car and ease his driving experience to make him feel more comfortable and safe. Car tires have an important role besides sustaining the car’s weight and you’ll see, that new tires like those self inflating ones from Goodyear, usually do more than a simple task of moving the car from point A to point B.

New tires, especially the new self inflating ones from Goodyear improve things like:

  • together with the anti lock braking system or ABS, those Goodyear tires can help you avoid a car crash or only a slight fender bender because of the better grip when braking.
  • the most important feature which you get from those self inflating tires made by Goodyear is that besides safety capabilites, you also get a much more better fuel consumption!!!! That’s right!

Want to know more about the new tires from Goodyear with that self inflating thingy?

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video of modified 6 wheel 4X4This 6 wheel Nissan Patrol from the United Arab Emirates even if it has normal features like power windows, anti lock braking system, airbags and much more, its power steering is a bit stressed with that hydraulic system which handles two more wheels in front of the Patrol and the car engine is also stressed because it has to pump the fluid for the car’s hydraulics.

Usually, arabs are in the money and this is today’s example of wealth but not good taste because this is why we pay what we pay for gas people!

If you were extremely rich like them, would you destroy a Nissan Patrol in that way? I mean, look at it, the automotive world will be shocked at the mere sight of this hideous contraption.

This modified Nissan Patrol has no practical use as a 6 wheel car and it is also ugly! The Arab Emirates is one of the oil rich countries so a part of its inhabitants are the richest people in this world because gas makes the world go round! This youtube video makes me think that rich arabs didn’t even hear about care of cars. It seems to me that, if something is broken on a car, well they’ll throw the whole car to the junkyard.

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There are different types of people around this world: People who give a rat’s ass when it comes to car care and people who don’t, but what’s the problem in that when you think of the good parts that appear when not taking care of cars? Yeah, the old “wash me” finger drawing got replaced with pure car art, so people, if you have drawing artists in your neighbourhood feel free to let your car get dirty!

Looking at awesome car pictures as this one is, i’m sure about the fact that you’ll like these car care and also skillful drawing techniques which are used in this car art masterpiece! Now take a look down on the hood of the car.. it’s a faded old style “wash me” finger drawing which is so old school even for a dirty car like this one; Take it to the car wash man!!

Think about it, you can use fingers for more than just simple writing instruments, you can create awesome car art with the proper drawing techniques and that’s great because, at least you’ll show some kind of care of cars if the car owner Β isn’t showing any.

more than a simple wash me finger drawing

The drawing artist’s name is Scott and he did a great job with this funny auto drawing so the Top Gear series should show it as an american auto example even if Jeremy Clarkson has some kind of a bad opinion about americans.

This guy sure had some drawing skills when it came to finger drawing on a dirty car, but what a drawing, that’s the most expressive drawing of a family portrait from a front view inside a car which i ever seen.

The car art drawing includes family members like:

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mclaren p1 race with bugattiIf someone poor got as a gift that new Mclaren P1 supercar which will be launched next year, well let’s say that he would have to declare bankruptcy in no time even if he enjoys taking care of cars. The taxes for this supercar will just start bleeding him dry.

I won’t talk about fuel consumption on the new Mclaren P1 because it’s a supercar and i don’t believe that its consumption will be so impressive like some specialised guys from the automotive world say it will. Anyway, if you can afford the acquisition cost for a Mclaren P1 then you can also afford to fill it up every 20 miles πŸ™‚ . With a huge price tag of 800.000 quids you would expect this supercar to beat the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport but it’s said that the Mclaren P1 isn’t designed to outrun it..

Okay i understand that but, what will Mclaren P1 offer me?

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You won’t even hear your car engine when listening to car songs like this one from the Foo Fighters. Yeap, “good grief” makes you get that special feeling which only driving songs can give you.

When those “hate it hate it” lyrics will start, i’m sure you’ll drive your stick shift car in an aggressive but still car care manner just to keep that rhythm! You’ll also won’t realize how many highway miles will pass under your wheels on this fantastic song from your future car songs collection.

I personally got a few speeding tickets on this awesome tune from Foo Fighters while speeding for no reason so that’s why you should use it in your driving songs cd, but moderately.

Lots of people think that, this song is from the best rock album, album which is made entirely by one man, that man being Dave Grohl! Try to imagine one man who can build the best cars ever made by himself, cars which have the best fuel consumption, most horsepower and a very good aggressive look, it’s hard!

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james bond car chase historyJust take a look at this awesome trailer for the new SkyMovies site which will have the whole collection of James Bond movies including, i hope, the Skyfall movie. They did a great job with editing some of the greatest movies with James Bond, making a James Bond car chase out of 6-7 movies which has at least one good car crash so car care is out of the question :).

If you’re interested about the cars which James Bond used throughout the time, then you’re still in the right place!

In this SkyMovies trailer, the James Bond role was played by different actors like:

  • Daniel Craig
  • Sean Connery
  • Pierce Brosnan
  • George Lazenby
  • Roger Moore
  • Timothy Dalton

This trailer made a great youtube video with lots of views and later on in this article, you’ll also see the Skyfall trailer which is from the new series of James Bond movies in which Daniel Craig has great acting skills. The new James Bond movie has as well a car chase scene and at least one good car crash.

Ohh and the clips which were put together to create the SkyMovies trailer are from James Bond movies like:

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Some auto manufacturers hit the jackpot in the 1970s with their beautiful car designs which, nowadays we call muscle cars! They’re not necessarily meant for car racing because they’re like precious jewels but some people use them in dirt stock car racing competitions where a car crash inevitably occurs, so car care is out of the question there.

Today’s article is more than a care of cars article, it’s also a funny article with an awesome funny sign regarding a particular wife who left her particular husband because he bought a particular muscle car πŸ˜€ !

Lots of men tend to do things which annoy their wifes but what’s the problem if a man wants every now and then to spoil himself with a brand new muscle car in a funny auto way? Does the wife necessarily need to leave him and make him do that funny sign? πŸ™‚

Imagine yourself in a muscle car from the 1970s with that v8 engine sound while having to hear your wife saying things like:

Honey you shouldn’t buy a muscle car because it’s an old piece of crap that has a huge fuel consumption, bad mileage, bad handling, it’s big and ugly, you can’t find spare parts for it, a good car shop for muscle cars is hard to find and we can’t afford it, think about our kids college fund. Baby if you only dare to buy this muscle car i will leave you!

Buying a muscle car is a good reason for divorce

Yeah, to some of you it may seem to be a funny wife but believe me, i think this wasn’t the case for our friend who put that funny sign on his jewel of a muscle car in this car photo.

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electric cars as gifts from renault It isn’t something shocking for the automotive world but the auto industry has evolved and that’s a good thing for a person who doesn’t like to take care of cars which are badly made or cheap looking.

Of course you can’t expect for car racing competitions with electric cars, not just yet but you can be sure that, if Renault gave away 2 electric cars to the Pope, then that’s the first step to start producing electric cars which are as green as half of the earth :).

Auto manufacturers should see an opportunity in this Renault marketing scheme because Renault, with its gift to the Pope which is a flashy strategy, started the domino game with green cars which don’t have a nasty fuel consumption.. oo wait there’s no fuel consumption at all!

Those 2 electric cars which the Pope received as a gift, are based on:

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