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Elon Musk, the founder of the incredibly innovative startup of an electric auto company we all know as Tesla, has decided to rock the auto world with some pretty big news regarding to their electric cars. However, as cool as his big news are, he might just be pushing the envelope in terms of taking away things we’re “used to”. Yes, we know that times change and certain things that we couldn’t live without are now obsolete, but when they’re new changes, it can feel a little bit strange.

We’re going to look first at Musk’s comments and then wonder how that might affect the auto industry and what kind of cars we’re going to have to drive in the future. This isn’t just about cool auto news, this is about how those cool new green cars change consumer experience for years and years to come.

90% Autonomous Vehicles that also know a thing or two about protection of the environment; Bold move Tesla!


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Everybody wants to see electric cars on the road but what does the auto world think about them on the track? Wanna see an electric supercar which has an engine sound that resembles to a fuel jet taking off? Well with the help of the Top Gear series, you’ll see a running Citroen Survolt, a purebred electric racing car designed and built with great care of cars and innovative technology!

The Citroen Survolt is a concept car and green car all in one so it’s good for the protection of the environment and other tree hugger stuff besides racing; You can say bye bye to that nasty fuel consumption which a racing car has and enjoy its top speed !:D

I really don’t know what car care measures apply for this Citroen Survolt, but the auto manufacturers from Citroen gave it some impressive car specs besides a crazy futuristic look:


Hey there friends from the auto world, as you all know, the auto industry has reached that point where they can build electric cars but they still want to juice out all of the petrol; Some guys from a private auto segment are into modifying these obsolete vehicles and making them green and fast! This is why you’ll get to see a fast electric racing car made out of an old Bmw E36 which is also a green car that loves to keep a clean environment.

These dudes from the EV West auto company didn’t want to make your normal Toyota Prius electric car but they wanted a pure bred electric race car and that’s how they managed to turn this Bmw E36 from a cheap car to an awesome electric concept car which will surely blow your mind with its car specs, this really is proof that everybody can have their own electric cars made with great care of cars!!

The auto industry invests a lot of money in car advertising and today’s article with the Honda NSX concept is a pretty darn good example of car commercial that’s appealing to the public. Guess what?! You can include in the Honda NSX’s car specs the fact that it can make plenty of tea; This small detail will be a high selling factor for the Honda NSX concept in Great Britain ’cause the brits sure do love their fresh cup of tea 😀

When you hear that car engine and its revving sound you get the feeling of something pushed to its limits and that Honda NSX concept is equipped with:

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shocking news for mercedes loversWhen someone asks you about the best cars and auto manufacturers in the world, what’s your first opinion? Don’t you automatically think that german cars are the best? Well, during an interview, some germans saw that they were living a lie and that they had a false opinion about the german autos.

Yeah, the guy who conducted this interview was also a german and he could not believe those shocking news about the best car award at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

In this youtube video, when the reporter asked some random people on the street (german countrymen) about who makes the best cars and/or engines in the world, they gave various answers like these:

  • Who makes the best engines in the world? Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche!
  • Best car makers worldwide? We germans.
  • German quality manufacturing
  • German cars are the best
  • The best engine.. but it is a german car, right?
  • A german brand
  • Nothing beats german quality

Ohhh but they were so wrong! After seeing these results when asking about the best car engine for 2013, the reporter was ashamed to surprise everybody with shocking news!

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electric cars as gifts from renault It isn’t something shocking for the automotive world but the auto industry has evolved and that’s a good thing for a person who doesn’t like to take care of cars which are badly made or cheap looking.

Of course you can’t expect for car racing competitions with electric cars, not just yet but you can be sure that, if Renault gave away 2 electric cars to the Pope, then that’s the first step to start producing electric cars which are as green as half of the earth :).

Auto manufacturers should see an opportunity in this Renault marketing scheme because Renault, with its gift to the Pope which is a flashy strategy, started the domino game with green cars which don’t have a nasty fuel consumption.. oo wait there’s no fuel consumption at all!

Those 2 electric cars which the Pope received as a gift, are based on:

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silent killer on streetsLots of people think that they can’t afford buying a green car but they’re wrong; Even India, which is one of the few cheap car manufacturers in the world, has allocated a budget of 4 billion dollars for a green car project in their push for hybrids and electric cars so even India has chosen clean environment over care of cars and you can buy a good and cheap electric car in the near future but what are we going to do with the lack of engine sound in a green car?

So, we know that green cars tend to eliminate that engine sound which some of us love, especially engine sounds from muscle cars 🙂 .. i know, it may be disappointing for those petrolheads out there who enjoy showing off and making noise with their awesome engines but there is one simple solution, solution which can resolve the problem with lack of engine sound in electric cars.

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reduced co2 emissions by green cabsThe auto industry is in an ongoing expansion and because of the intensive pollution from these days, there are new car care measures that help with the improvement of the air quality, air which our children breathe every single second of their life.

One good example of these safety measures for reducing pollution from cars was adopted recently in New York. New York is known by its yellow cabs but now, mayor Michael Bloomberg replaced a part of the yellow cab fleet with green cabs! Yes, not only the colour is changed at these cabs but also they’re environmental friendly so green cars have their place everywhere around the world.

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