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Every car care kind of guy loves a specific muscle car and in that area, you can also find the classic Dodge Charger, a car that’s been made for those who enjoy a v8 engine, lots of horsepower and that outstanding engine sound which is so thrilling that it can give you pure goosebumps!

Now, let’s see if the 2015 Dodge Charger can be a match to its grand daddy with that all new aggressive look and somehow futuristic!

Here are some car specs which you get on the new Dodge Charger models:

Hi there auto world, I’m back with the funniest car article that’ll go viral! Most of us car owners have good car care instincts and some of us don’t, but the question is:

What to do when you don’t have money to repair your car? Usually you improvise and when you have a cheap car and not so much money to invest in it, well, the repair results must be seen in the funny auto category, the place where all the botched cars are!

Care of cars or not, these are the coolest cheap repairs and they really show how inventive a man with no money can be, even if it’s in a hilarious way!


Everybody likes outstanding supercars and this time Mercedes Benz created one exclusively for that play station game.. Gran Turismo 6!

When it comes to car design, this new Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo or GT which will appear in the PS3 Gran Turismo 6 game (yeah, it will never go into production) has elements from different auto manufacturers like its aggressive 2013 Audi style headlights, Aston Martin front grill (or for other minds a 300 SL front grill), stretched out Porsche 911 feel on the side view and a back which gets design elements from Lamborghini Veneno and Mclaren P1 with LED all around (including LED inserted into the front grill like Kitt from Knight Rider), bulging fenders and of course, some Gullwing doors.

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Every car owner of a Land Rover Defender will be sad to hear that this awesome off road car will be discontinued in 2 years.. yeah auto world, there won’t be anymore Land Rover Defenders out there or will they?!!

The old Land Rover Defender legacy which started in the 1940’s will be replaced with a new and awesome all wheel drive off roader which will blow everybody’s mind! The main reason for discontinuing the classic Land Rover Defender is that it became an unsafe car by European standards and car safety is a must these days. Anyway, for those who really love the bold Land Rover Defender, here is a small photo gallery with an A. Kahn Defender from the A. Kahn Design center.


So as usual I’ve came across some great auto news for the auto world especially for those who love every Lamborghini which has ever made! Today you’ll be happy to hear that Lamborghini is building 9 units of their newest model, the VENENO!

This new Lamborghini, the Veneno, is made with special care of cars because it has to be the best car ever created by the auto industry so the auto manufacturers spend huge amounts of labour hours just to make it be the ultimate driving experience. You can agree with me after you see these car photos and video with the Veneno revving its horses! 😀

Looking at the Lamborghini Veneno, you get the feeling that this is not a car, but a beast of a supercar, the best looking and also most aggressive car ever to be built! Let’s see some car specs for the new Veneno:

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Lambo sliced in half

Lambo sliced in half in Brooklyn New York

Great news! You get the chance to see some fresh car photos of a Lamborghini Aventador but this article comes with a twist!

That white Lamborghini Aventador which you’re about to see, is a totaled car which comes in 3 pieces, the rear part of the car, front part and a 6.5 litre v12 engine sitting in the middle of the street :D.

I really get the feeling that the guy who owned this Lamborghini Aventador wanted some car racing action on the streets of Brooklyn, New York City and that resulted into a monumental high speed car crash which transformed his Lambo into 2 Lambos, yeah it got ripped in half!

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chevrolet sparkSome people from the auto world want to prepare for the end of the world, zombie wars or any other strange happenings so that’s why, my today’s article is all about the 2012 SEMA small Chevrolet Spark, an urban assault vehicle which doesn’t need any car care attention.

Yes, it’s a cheap car with tuning elements and some survival gear (not too much):

  • Extended bullbar that surrounds the car on the front, side and back of it as you can see from the photo gallery. It helps the Chevrolet Spark when it gets into small car crashes, when it hits surprise obstacles along the way or when you just feel the need to road kill a zombie :D.

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It seems that Tom Hardy did a great job when it came to play the role of Bane in Batman – The Dark Knight Rises, because now, you get the chance to see funny Bane memes that command people even when they’re just drawings on cars :D; I just wish they have drawn a funny Batman too..

Another car owner had been surprised with his very own finger drawing made by drawing artists with awesome drawing skills who hate the simple wash me writing on a dirty car. That expressive drawing with Bane’s face and mask can amuse anyone who went to the cinema when Batman – The Dark Knight Rises aired.

funny photo

The Bane meme says something like this:

When the car has been washed, you have my permission to DRIVE!

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