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Have you ever heard of Simona Halep? Well she’s a romanian tennis player that practically wasn’t anybody until she won some serious tennis championships, and now, because of her talent and not because of her care of cars, she received as a gift, a brand new Porsche 911 Carrera 4! Yes, that’s right, this is how you get a free Porsche!

Just take a look at this youtube video with Simona Halep checking out the Porsche museum a couple of months before receiving a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 as a gift; Back then, she said in an interview that she would like a sports car because she’s a sporty girl and that she wanted a red paint job with beige leather car interior;

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Every car care kind of guy loves a specific muscle car and in that area, you can also find the classic Dodge Charger, a car that’s been made for those who enjoy a v8 engine, lots of horsepower and that outstanding engine sound which is so thrilling that it can give you pure goosebumps!

Now, let’s see if the 2015 Dodge Charger can be a match to its grand daddy with that all new aggressive look and somehow futuristic!

Here are some car specs which you get on the new Dodge Charger models:

Today’s article isn’t about car care stuff but it is showing you how you can take care of cars that are about to be stolen!

This car thief, Matthew Draper, is probably the worst of his kind; I mean, how can you try to knick a car and then get trapped in it like a rat by the owner?

Yeah, that’s right, this 28 year old car thief from Swansea tried to steal a Smart Roadster in the middle of the day and was caught by the car owner and a couple of neighbours; He tried to threaten them with a screwdriver and so on but the police arrived in no time and he just went to prison. How about that?

Wanna see the youtube video as well?

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Hey there auto world and auto enthusiasts! Who’s into trucks? Well I sometimes like a good looking powerful 4wd truck and today, I’m going to show you the 2015 Ford F-150 Platinum, a car which was made with great car care and unusual materials for a conventional car.

The not so old Ford F-150 was the best selling truck in USA and now it will be overthrown by.. itself, but the newest model which can blow your mind when it comes to car specs:

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Everybody loves a good video game; If it has a new and interesting concept and if it is a car game, then the auto world simply goes wild and you’ll see all of them screaming out loud: Take my money!

Ubisoft created The Crew, a car video game which “steals” some elements from Need For Speed but it also focuses on the main Fast and Furious idea, the whole union thing between auto enthusiasts who create their own gangs, guys who stay in their garages at day and work on their cars with great car care and who, at night, start making some money while racing or thinking up heists and other car related crimes.

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So.. first of all, hi there auto world.. Paul Walker, yes, we have to talk about it! Why did I chose Paul Walker’s death for today’s auto topic? Well because he was a great movie star but the best role which he had was in Fast and Furios the series, a movie about cars! There, he played the role of a man who does everything that’s related to car racing, car chases, carjacking and other heists…

The tragic death of Paul Walker saddens me a lot but I’ll try to focus on the movie series from which we will always remember him. Paul or Brian O’Conner was a guy who loved cars both in Fast and Furious and in real life and you could see in the movie, a man who showed great care of cars especially for those imported racing cars which he loved and modified with great pleasure.

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Elon Musk, the founder of the incredibly innovative startup of an electric auto company we all know as Tesla, has decided to rock the auto world with some pretty big news regarding to their electric cars. However, as cool as his big news are, he might just be pushing the envelope in terms of taking away things we’re “used to”. Yes, we know that times change and certain things that we couldn’t live without are now obsolete, but when they’re new changes, it can feel a little bit strange.

We’re going to look first at Musk’s comments and then wonder how that might affect the auto industry and what kind of cars we’re going to have to drive in the future. This isn’t just about cool auto news, this is about how those cool new green cars change consumer experience for years and years to come.

90% Autonomous Vehicles that also know a thing or two about protection of the environment; Bold move Tesla!


Everybody likes outstanding supercars and this time Mercedes Benz created one exclusively for that play station game.. Gran Turismo 6!

When it comes to car design, this new Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo or GT which will appear in the PS3 Gran Turismo 6 game (yeah, it will never go into production) has elements from different auto manufacturers like its aggressive 2013 Audi style headlights, Aston Martin front grill (or for other minds a 300 SL front grill), stretched out Porsche 911 feel on the side view and a back which gets design elements from Lamborghini Veneno and Mclaren P1 with LED all around (including LED inserted into the front grill like Kitt from Knight Rider), bulging fenders and of course, some Gullwing doors.

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Everybody likes a luxury car and BMW has a wide variety of fine autos on the market for the auto world; Besides that, BMW’s technology department has implemented something new to these modern BMWs called ConnectedDrive.

As you can see from this BMW car commercial which brings a lot of smiles on people’s faces and some disappointment for youngsters, you can now remote control your car and destroy your daughter’s kiss for her fresh date 😀

Don’t imagine that this will be a cheap option on your future car, it will add thousands of dollars to the acquisition cost or price tag of a new BMW; But this remote controlling option is pretty practical and you get a fine and funny demo from that car commercial which promotes the new Bmw technology.

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The auto world is interested in everything which has wheels and an engine and that’s why today I’m writing about the funny and also risky truck commercial from Volvo which was shot in the Gothenburg port from Sweden ; As the president of the Volvo trucks branch Claes Nilsson says:

When you want to make a youtube hit, you need the hook at the beginning of the video and here it is! This is a hook from the new Volvo FMX, made from cast iron and it holds up to 32 tons! You don’t need to worry about anything, the new Volvo FMX is the most robust truck which Volvo has ever built!

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