Office pranks: Bmw Z3 “on bricks” – without wheels


Office pranks are so interesting because all the guys who work at the office can put their mind together and make one hell of a prank, just like this car prank from today’s article. They knew him as a person who takes care of cars too seriously and they decided to mess around with one of his toy cars from the desk and the result was a funny photo for the auto world!

Have you ever seen cars resting on layers of bricks without their wheels?

Well, office pranks can bend the fact that you need a real car because you’ve got limited space at work :D.

This car photo with the Bmw Z3 which is also a funny photo, reminds you of those bad neighbourhoods out there, where people steal everything they can, just to make a couple of bucks!

office pranks with a toy car

Still, there’s a great level of detail on this Bmw Z3 toy car which was one of those things used for awesome office pranks. If you’ll look at this funny photo, under the hood, even the car engine looks like the one from the real german auto model.

Baby, they couldn’t get the rims because those toy car wheels weren’t removable so they had to settle with only the car tires and they could’ve tried a heist setup, yes a good old carjacking but it didn’t work with the Bmw Z3 because it was a toy car. At least they had the car care decency to let the car on top of two glue sticks like a car on bricks ๐Ÿ˜€ .

Enjoy this funny photo from the car pictures category!


  1. If i had a dime for all the office pranks that i managed to pull through, i’d be rich right about now ๐Ÿ™‚

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