Drive – In Fact It Was You


Today is the day when you shouldn’t think about that nasty fuel consumption and just drive your car in a car care manner while listening to nice driving songs like this one which was a perfect match for the movie Drive.

Well, the movie Drive was indeed a movie with muscle cars and it showed the main character, the driver (because he had no name), driving his car in the night and just relaxing on some great car songs; Still, even if it is a car chase movie with car crashes, the movie Drive had a special sexual tension and romance between the driver and his neighbour..

That’s why i thought of publishing this all about driving songs article with an awkward but romantic song, “In fact it was you”.

Ryan Gosling was a perfect choice for the driver’s role and, in the movie, he was a mysterious Hollywood stuntman, getaway driver in his spare time and he wanted to get into the car racing business too.

He was also a mechanic, working in a car shop, so he knew his way around a car engine and how to show his care of cars by planning cool car diversions for the cops. Ok, he had all those professions but he still loved night driving with driving songs on the backround..

Just imagine yourself in the car, at night while driving and listening to the Drive soundtrack; It’s so awesome! It wasn’t the girl who said she loved me, in fact it was you in my mind, in fact it was you all the time :)!

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