A 6 wheel Nissan Patrol! Things you shouldn’t do if you’re in the money


video of modified 6 wheel 4X4This 6 wheel Nissan Patrol from the United Arab Emirates even if it has normal features like power windows, anti lock braking system, airbags and much more, its power steering is a bit stressed with that hydraulic system which handles two more wheels in front of the Patrol and the car engine is also stressed because it has to pump the fluid for the car’s hydraulics.

Usually, arabs are in the money and this is today’s example of wealth but not good taste because this is why we pay what we pay for gas people!

If you were extremely rich like them, would you destroy a Nissan Patrol in that way? I mean, look at it, the automotive world will be shocked at the mere sight of this hideous contraption.

This modified Nissan Patrol has no practical use as a 6 wheel car and it is also ugly! The Arab Emirates is one of the oil rich countries so a part of its inhabitants are the richest people in this world because gas makes the world go round! This youtube video makes me think that rich arabs didn’t even hear about care of cars. It seems to me that, if something is broken on a car, well they’ll throw the whole car to the junkyard.

Careofcars.com’s top tip:

Even if you’re rich, that doesn’t mean bigger has to also be better!

And what’s with the wood panel cheap look? It looks like a station wagon from the late 1970’s. If those arab guys think that they’ve done a great job with the freshly 6 wheel tuned Nissan Patrol, they’re wrong! Those 2 front wheels don’t even help in 4X4 performances, what are they for??

Supercars are seen daily on the United Arab Emirates streets and you can almost taste the wealth!

The United Arab Emirates has a very advanced oil industry and its lands are filled with oil so, because of its wealth, even the gas price is low.

Gas price examples:

  • USA’s gas price is about 4 dollars per gallon
  • Some European countries have a gas price of 2 dollars per litre

Now think about the 40 cents per litre gas price from the Arab Emirates, the place where supercars and muscle cars rule the streets.

Yes, they rule the streets because in that place you don’t have to think about fuel consumption, you only have to remember about car care decency, a fact which is forgotten when it comes to cars in those lands as you can see from this 6 wheel car, car which a while ago was a proud Nissan Patrol!


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