Kid Cudi – No One Believes Me (Fright Night soundtrack)


Can you feel the calm before the storm with driving songs like this one from Kid Cudi? Yep, if no one believes you, then you should take matters into your own hands but let’s forget about care of cars today and just reflect on one of the car songs from the Fright Night soundtrack.

The cello from Kid Cudi’s driving song makes you feel a very powerful emotion while driving and it builds up the rage inside of you and that’s why you shouldn’t drive on car songs like this one during the day.

Colin Farrell did a great acting job in this Fright Night remake movie and the Fright Night soundtrack is awesome, so, if you have a dark passenger, let it get out while driving your car, of course, in a car care manner and just feel alive.

If you’re done with the calm before the storm, then you’re ready for a good old car racing event but a note of reminder here:

It’s illegal to race on the streets!

After you’ve listened enough to my car songs, you can go on a track like the one from the Top Gear lap but let your dark passenger remember that you have to fill up your gas tank because the fuel consumption will go crazy on your car even if it’s about stock car racing.


  1. i also enjoyed the fright night soundtrack, this song really makes a good car song for when i’m in that specific mood

  2. i always liked Kid Cudi and now that he’s on your site with fright night’s official soundtrack, well let’s say that i will try to read your daily articles

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