Incubus – Dig


Forget about listening to your engine sound today.. seriously, if you have one of those days when you just want to drive on a straight road for hours and hours without thinking about your destination and if you’re feeling blue you can try one of my driving songs like this Dig song from Incubus, mister blue.

We all have a sickness that cleverly attaches and multiplies as the lyrics say and you should treat your clever sickness with good car songs when driving, because they’re gonna make your soul feel better, it’s just like care of cars but for humans :D.

This special song makes me forget about everything around me and if i’m hurt, it also frees my mind and it’s not surprising if you realize you’re in the middle of nowhere after listening to this Dig song from Incubus for about 10 times.

Something must not happen to you because of these driving songs of mine which take you in the middle of nowhere.. that something mustn’t be an ability test on care of cars involving your hands and a tire, yes to replace flat tire or other “car break down” reasons.

Incubus – Dig from the driving songs collection has almost 12 million views as a youtube video so enjoy my car songs, get rid of that negative energy and after that long ride with your car, remember to use your head lights if it’s dark outside, mister blue!

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