Full of action Bmw movie – Beat the Devil (The Hire)


full of action car racing movieAre you ready for a full of action short Bmw movie from 2001 which has a car racing theme? Yes, this is a Bmw movie because it has, as a branded content one Bmw Z4 and the Bmw movie called Beat the Devil from The Hire series also has a handful of extraordinary actors like:

  • Clive Owen – has the “Driver” role which resembles with Jason Statham’s role in Transporter 1 that’s also a full of action Bmw movie with no car racing but still, this is an article about cars in movies.
  • James Brown – has great acting skills in this Bmw movie even if he’s a top singer and the main idea that surrounds his character is appealing to everyone: Deal with the devil theme.
  • Gary Oldman – has an exceptional talent when it comes to villain roles and this full of action Bmw movie which shows no care of cars whatsoever had the perfect “Devil” role for him but he didn’t get to sit in that Bmw Z4.
  • Danny Trejo – has, as usual, a small role in this Bmw movie with car racing and no car care manners but who cares about care of cars when watching this full of action short movie?

Would you want to drive a Bmw Z4 in a car racing competition without having to give a s$%t about car care? Well i’m sure you do because we all want that, especially in one of the best car movies from Bmw. Bmw’s are german autos and the brand usually promotes care of cars but The Hire was a series of eight short films which showed the Bmw durability in intense car scenes, like this Bmw Z4 from our Beat the Devil movie.

So watch this youtube video with Beat the Devil – Bmw movie:

The Devil’s car a blue Pontiac Firebird with flames and a nitrous oxide system or NOS :D. It had a nice car racing attitude in the Bmw movie.

The Driver’s car one fuel injected Bmw Z4 3.0i which had auto pedigree and it was an exquisite “cars in movies” appearance.

More about this deal with the devil – full of action bmw movie is here, but wait!!! SPOILER ALERT!! 😀

The Driver is employed by James Brown, who goes to meet the Devil at the Crossroads hotel to re-negotiate the deal he made with the devil when he was a young man in 1954. The deal with the devil was to trade his soul for fame and fortune but he forgot about age.. and with the passing of time, James Brown saw that he can’t perform as he used to when he was young, so he decided to propose a new wager, wager consisting of a car racing competition with the devil so he can get his youth back.

cars in movies It sounds interesting but it’s more.. If James Brown lost the race, then, the Devil would get both the Driver’s soul and James’s soul so the stakes were a little bit high in this Bmw movie. Both the Devil and James Brown went to the Las Vegas Strip at dawn for the car racing start and the race ended with the Driver passing around a train while the Devil’s Pontiac Firebird crashed and exploded.

Cars in movies are usually destroyed you know, but why should you think about care of cars in movies when you just want to enjoy a full of action movie which also has a Bmw Z4 in it.

The final scene shows Marilyn Manson, the Devil’s neighbour, complaining that the noise is disturbing his bible reading, much to the Devil’s fear and our amusement in one of the best car movies even if it’s a short one.


  1. Regards, i watched beat the devil from the hire series about 9 years ago and it really was full of action as you said and those car racing movies out there didn’t have the surprise which bmw made for bmw owners when these short movies were shot.

  2. i own a Bmw Z4 and what can i say.. i’m kind of proud about the fact that my car had a role in a car racing movie with clive owen

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