Do you want to drive royal cars? Her Majesty the Queen needs you!


drive royal cars and get paidDo you know what you can get with one valid chauffeur license in the United Kingdom? Well let’s say that if you love your Queen, you can drive her around UK and get paid :D. So, you can forget about care of cars, because it’s all taken care of if you drive royal cars for Her Majesty the Queen.

I know it sounds to good to be true but it’s just that simple. The Royal Household‘s posted a job listing for a chauffeur to be more exact one “First Chauffeur” which will be on Her Majesty’s disposal and don’t think of it as being on her Majesty’s Secret Service because, being a first chauffeur is not that sophisticated but it pays very well.

If you’re good at long brutal skids then you should not have a problem with the royal cars because Her Majesty the Queen has only excellent cars in her collection like Bentleys and Rolls Royces but you still have to keep in touch with your diplomacy and tact when working with Her Majesty because The Royal Household will not hire a peasant to be the First Chauffeur even if you have the chauffeur license.

By the way, if the Queen’s Rolls Royce breaks down on the road, then you can expect something like Her Majesty’s personal helicopter to come, pick it up and take you to the specialized car shop which takes care of cars but only the queen’s cars so car care isn’t an issue here because Her Majesty the Queen is in the money!

As the First Chauffeur you will work an average of 48 hours per week, working 5 days out of 7 and it’s quie good but you must have a flexible approach for your working hours due to the nature of the position, we’re talking about Her Majesty the Queen here :D.

royal chauffeur job to drive queens cars

Here is the link to the job application: First Chauffeur Job Application. You get 23.000 pounds a year for 48 hours a week with the help of a chauffeur license and you can have a life at Buckingham Palace because if you’re driving royal cars you can live in a royal place too!

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