The most common driving mistakes and easy DIY guides for better car care


So, today’s auto world topic is about the things which car owners didn’t know they were doing wrong when driving or the usual mistakes that a new driver is bound to make and I am also going to talk about some do it yourself easy guides for a better care of cars.

Now, if you have the time, and you’re interested in this article, feel free to read it thoroughly ’cause you’ll be amazed to see that you’re not that car care kind of guy you thought you were in the first place!

Here are some mistakes which car owners don’t even know they are doing and a bunch of do it yourself car maintenance easy top tips:


  • Don’t start the car and immediately drive away! It’s not healthy for the car engine and that’s because the engine’s oil pump has to do its job for at least 20 seconds before driving ( oil lubrication to the main engine components); When the RPM goes down, it’s a sign that the car is good to go
  • How do I know on which side the fuel door cap is? Well, this is so easy if you’re inside the car, look at your dashboard’s fuel gauge and you’ll see a gas pump sign and guess what?! Right next to it, you’ll see a tiny arrow which shows you exactly where the fuel door is!


  • Don’t put premium gas in a car that needs only regular! Reading your car owner’s manual will show that it’s quite recommended in most of the cases to use regular gas! High octane gas won’t help you with fuel consumption or other significant performances, it will only help you to pay more for insignificant changes.
premium gas vs regular
  • Don’t try to start a car that has ran out of gas! It’s as simple as that, but do you know why? Well because the fuel pump will suck air and burn itself up. The gas has a double role to also lubricate the gas pump’s bearings and if there’s no gas, then it will fry itself.
  • Be careful when doing a car jump start by yourself! See there, there are some simple and easy tricks which a guy who has great care of cars knows; The car battery will always have a minus sign on a side and on the other you’ll have a plus sign. When jump starting a car by yourself, be sure that you’ll use the positive cable (red one) and stick it on the positive plus sign of the car battery! If the car which gets electricity has its positive sign hidden by the battery terminals, you just have to move them away because if you don’t put the cable correctly, you can fry your alternator or the CPU of the car. Just double check the positive on the positive and negative on the negative.
  • Do a visual car check more often! It’s pretty darn important to inspect your daily driver, don’t take it for granted that everything is top notch with the car. Do a regular check on your fluid levels (oil, brake fluid, coolant, windshield wiper fluid), turn your lights on, check your blinkers, tail lights and tires; This is how you prevent getting a fine and you know that it’s safe to drive.
  • Check your tire pressure and thread depth! The recommended tire pressure is on the interior of the door jamb on the driver’s side (you should at least check it when there’s a difference of 10 degrees outside). The thread depth should also be inspected because you wouldn’t want to use your brakes in case of an emergency and just slide away like a sleigh; You can do it yourself by using even coins for the US.




Now here is some piece of advice on how to drive a car correctly:


  • When it comes to the position of the hands while driving, you must know that keeping the hands at “9 and 3” is a must because feeding the wheel, going hand over hand or driving with one hand is bad! When doing this stuff you lose connection with the front wheels
  • Don’t play loud music especially if you’re a beginner in driving because you’ll lose focus and you won’t be able to “feel” when it’s time to shift the gear or how to depress the clutch correctly
  • Find your optimum seating position by pressing the clutch or brake pedal to the end of its travel where your leg should be slightly bent and the wrists of your arms should be able to sit on top of the steering wheel


Now these are some starting points and obvious do it yourself guides for better driving but especially to make you show your car care towards your daily driver because even if it’s a cheap car, if you’re not taking good care of it, then, in a short period of time you will start investing a lot of cash in it, thus making it a money pit!

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