How to change the daytime running lights or angel eyes on BMW E90 3 series – It’s hard but not impossible!

Changing angel eyes lights on BMW

These days, a lot of auto enthusiasts who sometimes don’t have a lot of money, tend to buy luxury cars like BMW or Mercedes and they forget about the high maintenance costs.

That’s why, when a light burns out, you can pay top dollar at a BMW car shop if you want to repair your BMW headlights.

So, because you don’t have a lot of money and you’re a car care kind of guy, you must learn from this video tutorial, how to replace by your own, a BMW E90 daytime running light!

Usually, the dashboard indicator shows when a light is out and in most of the times it may be the HALO (that set of rings which go around the headlights that are better known as the angel eyes lights or daytime running lights).

Pay attention and you’ll know how to do it yourself; It’s tricky but you’ll save money if you know how to change the lights on a BMW 3 series E90!

When it comes to care of cars and saving money, you can always try to do those easy car repairs by yourself ’cause that’s how you will get more money to invest in future car parts which constantly need to be changed.

As the guy states, the BMW 3 series halo light is hard to change by your own but it isn’t impossible!

Here are the tools you need to change the daytime running lights (rings which go around the headlights) of a 2005 to 2011 BMW 3 series:

  • standard tip screwdriver (a rather bigger one is good)
  • special t15 torx screwdriver
  • a pair of diagonal pliers
  • 8 mm socket and a nut driver
  • ratchet with a 10 mmm socket and if you can aquire an extension, that’ll be great!
  • the HALO light which needs to be changed (costs about $80)

Now, it’s time for the video tutorial (end of the article) which shows you step by step what you have to do in order to change your own BMW E90 daytime running lights, starting with taking out a plastic inner fender skirt by using the 10 mm and 8 mm socket, but as a top tip, you should also take the wheel off (that’s if you want to save time and have easy access to the part which needs to be changed).

Easy way to change the daytime running lights on an E90
Easy way to change the daytime running lights on an E90

Next, proceed to identify the cover of the angel eyes light bulb and use the big screwdriver to remove the clips and take it off.

Step by step tutorial to change halo lights on BMW 3 series
Step by step tutorial to change halo lights on BMW 3 series

With the help of the special t15 torx screwdriver, take out those 2 nuts which hold the actual BMW E90 halo light. Then just pull out the wires and remember where to put them back (details in the video tutorial from the end of the article).

How to change angel eyes on BMW E90
How to change angel eyes on BMW E90

The next step is to do the reverse operation and that’s how you save money by changing your own daytime running lights on a german auto.’s Top Tip:

When attaching the new halo light bulb, please don’t touch the actual bulb! You can reduce the bulb’s life that way.

Thanks to carquestions for the detailed tutorial on how to change angel eyes lights by yourself!


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