Man who’s literally in love with his 2015 Ford Mustang – hilarious commercial


Hi there auto enthusiasts, do you remember my article about guys who have sex with their cars? If yes, you wouldn’t be so shocked to see this next commercial for the new 2015 Ford Mustang; It’s a parody for exactly that episode with the man who’s in love with his car, on the tv show that’s called “My strange addiction”.

Today, Guillermo is the main character along with his girlfriend, the 2015 Ford Mustang! Yup, Guillermo seems to be the car care kind of guy when he’s showing what he’s planning for the 50th birthday celebration of the Mustang model, that bottle of engine oil will do wonders to the engi… ohhhh wait, now I’ve got it! The car oil will act as a lube for sexual intercourse omggg.

But wait, there’s someone else that’s involved in the picture and that’s the real car owner or the car’s father or the girlfriend’s father whatever lol. Like a true protector, he’s chasing Guillermo everytime he sees him near the 2015 Ford Mustang and it’s quite funny, even Guillermo’s mom thinks that he’s a weirdo.

This is more than care of cars, this is true “car love” in the literal way! It seems that americans have a good sense of humor and they make pretty darn good car commercials.

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