Simple and fun tutorial for beginners on how to change your car’s fluids!


Since this is a car care blog, care of cars is our main priority! Today’s article is for teenagers who buy their first car or even for adults who really don’t know how to take care of cars.

If you buy for yourself a second hand car, you must know that every single thing that the seller is telling you about it, is usually a lie and that’s why, for car safety and other reasons, you should know how to change the car’s fluids! It’s an easy task which makes your car feel young again!

And some of the auto enthusiasts just want to learn the basic actions which you need to know when you’re working on a car;

If you want to learn how to do stuff to your car like changing the fluids, changing the brakes or other mechanical interventions which require some skills, the best option for you is to buy a cheap car on which you can learn a whole lot of car care techniques; Practice is the key and you can always try anything on a cheap car when you don’t have to pay a lot of money if you break something!

So, this is how you do an entire service for a car under 100 $ !

Tools which you need to change the car’s fluids in a full service!

  • spanners
  • pliers
  • screwdrivers
  • oil filter removal tool
  • socket set
  • fluids: coolant, engine oil, gearbox oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid
  • spark plugs
  • brand new oil filter

The steps which you need to follow when changing a car’s fluids are quite simple and most of them are done in the engine bay:


  1. Jack up the car and stick some axle stands under it for safety
  2. Start with changing the radiator fluid
  3. You must change the engine oil for a more reliable car engine but first you have to remove the old oil (the trick to not get filled with oil while being under the car is to, master a thing, hold pressure on the nut while you unscrew it till it’s all the way out and when you feel it ready to go, just take the hand out of there)
  4. Change the old oil filter and refill the engine with proper oil
  5. While you’re under the car, check if all the hoses are in good condition and if the car is leaking essential fluids
  6. It’s time for the gearbox oil to be changed! It seems that the filler hole is quite difficult to get to but if you make your own special tool (a funnel with a plastic tubing)
  7. Use a syringe with plastic tubing to remove the power steering fluid and put the fresh one (to cycle the fluid through the system, you must jack the car up and turn the steering wheel right/left bla bla)
  8. Change the spark plugs and you’re done!’s top tip: Don’t ever use tap water as a radiator fluid! Use deionized water or distilled water and radiator coolant (this liquid lubricates the water pump).

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