Patient 113 – Awake To You


Hello there auto enthusiasts, here I am back again, writing once more, after a long break! Lately I’ve seen a pretty darn good movie which kept me on my toes but suddenly, at one point, this song from Patient 113 came up and it instantly made me feel like I’ve never felt before! (the movie was called The Collector)

And since this is an auto blog which keeps on babbling about care of cars or other car care related stuff, I’ve known in that exact moment that this is perfect for every car songs collection! Yeah, driving music is a must for those who spend a lot of their time with those well taken care of automobiles.

This song has a relaxing way of making you feel so good, so pure and maybe even romantic. You don’t always need hard rock driving songs, this kind of music is also essential for that soul of yours which goes through different states of mind with the passing of time.

You won’t even be bothered anymore if you’re stuck in a traffic jam! This song really makes you detach yourself from anything that has a bad vibe or negative energy 😀 and you’ll see what I mean when you’ll listen to it!

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