Play GTA V much? Here’s how to make your own drift car in a stanced nation way!


A lot of you auto enthusiasts can’t afford buying your own cars and since the acquisition cost / price tag is small to none on some of the car games that are out there, well you can choose being all virtual :D. In an auto video game you can do anything that you want and that’s also the case for GTA V online, a game where you can meet people, do missions together and get any car you like!

Now you have that special car which you love so much but if you’re a lowrider kind of guy and if stanced cars are the best ones for you, then you must know how to tune it up!

So, I’ve been looking around the internet and I’ve found the perfect youtube tutorial on how to make your own slammed car:

If you find a rear wheel drive car in GTA V online, it’ll also be a drift king kind of car after doing what the guy says in the above youtube video.

The trick is that you have to aim your SMG right above the center of the wheels and shoot at them but be sure that the car has 100% armor (to withstand the shooting). You can shoot 3 extended magazines / wheel to get the desired stanced effect of your lowrider! Of course that if you put the car in the garage, the tuning will go away and you will have to redo the same thing.

So, if you like tuning your car in GTA V, this is how to make a drift car / lowrider/ stanced car!

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