Gary Numan – Cars from the 1970s


Now this isn’t like the typical driving songs for cars with which you’ve been used to because this is a retro song from the late 1970s when cars still had huge engines. In the late 1970s, people could still take care of cars by theirselves because there weren’t any electronic parts in their cars like in these days when you have to take your car to the car shop if you want to keep your car care consciousness clean!

There were some good times in the 1970s when driving songs like this one got launched and this one was an instant hit especially if you had a car in those days in which you felt safest of all, where you could lock all your doors 😀 .

You can feel safe inside cars in the modern world but i still don’t get why Escobar from nip tuck loved it so much.. that was the best part when this driving song, cars, was in the backround while Escobar was blackmailing Sean McNamara the plastic surgeon from Nip Tuck series.

By the way did you know that this driving song, Cars, from Gary Numan was inspired from a true story? It was a road rage incident which made Gary Numan write this fabulous song in the 1970s:

I was in traffic in London once and had a problem with some people in front. They tried to beat me up and get me out of the car. I locked the doors and eventually drove up on the pavement and got away from them.

So this driving song isn’t about care of cars or car care but it’s about cars that take care of people.


  1. I’m comfortable enough in my leather car seat but now with gary numan’s cars from the 1970s i’m driving with a greater pleasure

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