How to impress chicks with a chinese Range Rover Evoque knock off! The Land Wind e32


Who wouldn’t like a Range Rover Evoque? That’s the first thing which popped into head when the design engineers from Jiangling Motors Corp. started thinking of another copycat car project :D.

Yeah, the chinese auto manufacturers don’t know anything else but to duplicate famous car brands and change small details like the car emblem, parts of the car interior or exterior; Some people are cool with that, especially if the result is a cheap car which looks like a Range Rover Evoque!

This Land Rover rip off has a lot of stolen elements from the original Evoque; Even the writing font is just like the one on the british car.

This fake Land Rover is called the Land Wind e32 and it’s a true Range Rover Evoque knock off! I really don’t know if it was built with the same car care, car safety options and 5 star safety rating as the original one but it sure does look like it!


Here are the car specs for the future counterfeit chinese Evoque that will be launched at the end of 2014:

  • 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol car engine
  • 187 bhp with 184 pound feet of torque
  • six speed manual transmission or an eight speed automatic transmission
  • the Land Wind e32’s price tag or acquisition cost will be at around 11.000 pounds or $19.000


Don’t worry though, if you buy your own chinese Range Rover Evoque rip off, you can change the “Land Wind” badges with “Land Rover” ones and most of the chicks won’t even notice this simple way of showing your care of cars and the need to get some “action time” with gold diggers that look at your wallet more than at your personality :D.

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