What’s this Bear Lock for cars and what does it do? Is your car safe with it?


These days, all of the auto manufacturers started adding more and more expensive options on their cars and because people need cars in their everyday routine, a lot of car thieves started making money from selling stolen cars or parts from them.

Good, now you think your car is safe with that stock car alarm but please keep in mind the fact that car thieves have to be professional about their uhmmm, job, and that’s why these simple alarm systems won’t work against expert thieves.

This is where you have to look for new and efficient anti-theft ways to protect your car and it seems that Bear Lock is a product that does exactly that!

If you invest money in your car to make it look good, you can also show your other type of car care by ensuring a higher level of security for it, yeah this is care of cars too.

So, what’s that Bear Lock good for and what does it do?

Bear Lock is like a safety mechanism that locks the gear lever in order to immobilize the car and it can be opened with a key. The best thing about Bear Lock is that it’s kind of invisible and the auto thief isn’t expecting it. Bear Lock doesn’t even affect the overall appearance of the car interior, no no, it’s like a simple switch!

The acquisition cost or price tag for a Bear Lock depends on the brand of the car but it starts from about $250!

Here is a video tutorial on how to use Bear Lock!


  1. I have simple alarm system in my car but I am glad to know that there is efficient product in the market that works better than simple alarm system. This Bear Lock product sounds amazing and I am excited to purchase this. Thanks a lot for providing such great suggestions.

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